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Ceramic Fire Logs | Unique Hand Painted Log Sets

Hand-painted ceramic log sets for gas fire pits – Fire media taken to a new level!

Fire media is often one of the last things people consider when building a custom gas fire pit. But it shouldn’t be! It’s a fun and crucial part of the overall design.

Common types of fire media include lava rock, fire glass, and ceramic logs. Burn media not only complements your fire pit’s design, but it also gives it a finished look. Most importantly, it covers the burner jets so the flame source is hidden. Choosing the best fire media is 100% based on the aesthetics that you’re going for. They all function in essentially the same way.

For a classic fire pit look, we recommend ceramic fire logs. Fire logs come in a variety of styles of “wood”. Options include country split, oak deluxe, sierra birch or driftwood. They are completely handmade and are made to look super realistic. Our log sets will come as individual logs. You can stack them to look like a real wood fire.

fire logs

The fire logs featured below are driftwood logs. They are hand-formed, hand-painted and simply remarkable. Keep in mind that each log is made from heavy ceramic and will have a hefty weight to it.

ceramic fire logs

Mix & Match Your Fire Media

You can mix your fire media by also including a bed of lava stones. Start with black lava rock and make sure that it’s acceptable for use in fire pits. Not all lava rock is created equal. Some may contain moisture, which will cause them to explode under heat. We don’t want that! Another unique option for a base for your ceramic fire logs is ceramic cannonballs. They give a really really unique look. 

Fire Cannonballs 1


Our ceramic log sets work best with our crossfire burners. They work well with nearly any style of fire pit and are the top choice for gas fireplaces. Ceramic fire logs are a great option for those who love the look of a wood fire but can do without the hassle of chopping, maintaining, storing, and cleaning up after the real thing. Buy them as a set or as individuals and arrange them however you’d like.

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