Gas Fire Pit Design & Planning

These days, we crave more than just a wood deck with a grill in order to fully enjoy our backyards. When homeowners are looking to improve their outdoor living space, many accessorize through amenities such as flower beds, vegetable gardens, ponds, and outdoor kitchens. Others reach deep back into their ancestry and channel that love of the flame – specifically through the addition of a fire pit.

If you step into any ordinary hardware store, you’re likely to find a few ordinary fire pits. These may work well for most people. But, we’d like to think that our customers are a little more original than most people.

This is why Montana Fire Pits is proud to offer our unique customers the opportunity to design their own unique fire pit. After all, you don’t have “just an average” home with “just an average” set of family and friends, do you? We don’t think so, either.

We Can Help You Design Your Dream Fire Pit

One of the fastest growing trends in landscape design is custom gas fire pits. Nothing creates a quaint, cozy atmosphere like comfortable seating around a warm outdoor fire in your own backyard. As the focal point of your outdoor space, a fire pit can and should represent those that gather around it.

Sometimes you come across home accents that just aren’t quite right. They always seem to be missing a little something. Have you ever wished that you could be the one in charge of tweaking it to your liking? Have you found several design ideas where each one contains one or two elements that you’d like to incorporate as a whole?

If the answer is yes to these questions, and the design elements are for customizing and improving your outdoor living space, we can help. We offer the experience and expertise needed to make your vision a reality by leading you on a journey to discover your own personality in the form of your very own dream fire pit.

4 Simple Steps To Your Custom Fire Feature

At Montana Fire Pits, we work hard to empower each and every one of our customers throughout the entire design process of your custom fire feature – from conception to completion.  We do this by following our tried and true method of creating a work of art and function from your imagination. Our designers work with you throughout the entire four-step process.

Step One: Review Your Landscape Plan

One of our “flame consultants” or “fire designers” will work closely with you to determine the overall vision and goals for your gas fire feature. During this beginning step, your needs and budget will be discussed in detail.

Send us a photo or your space with dimensions. Send us scaled architectural plans, heck even send us a sketch with dimensions and we’ll help take your design to the next level.

Step Two: Specify The Ideal Burner And Accessories

At Montana Fire Pits, providing the ideal burner and accessories is the core of our business and our speciality. You see, it’s the “fire inside” that produces the amazing flames, heat, and ambiance that you set out to create in the first place. In this step, we take your design or plans (in whatever stage) they may be and we tell you exactly what burner, plate, ignition and burn media will look and perform the best.

Step Three: Provide Drawings And Quote

After we have specified the ideal burner, we’ll give you specs, a custom drawing and an itemized estimate for all of the components you’ll need. This includes: Burner, Plate, Ignition, Log Sets, Fire Glass even Fire Pit Covers.

Step Four: Build & Ship To Your Door

Once your design and estimate is approved, we put it all into production. It really is that simple. All of our burners, custom or standard are built to order, assembled by hand right here in the USA and shipped via UPS or freight directly to your door. We’ll even consult with your installer to make sure the connections are made for the best possible flame.

Custom Fire Pit Burners

The few companies out there that can actually design and build a custom fire pit that meets your expectations are missing one thing: the ability to imagine and fabricate a custom fire pit burner. This severely hinders the ability to actually generate what you might have in mind. This is yet another factor that separates us from our competition.

This means that big or small, square or rectangle, round or oval, a bowl or a box, or shapes and sizes that only exist in your mind’s eye, nothing can stand in the way of the completion of your dream fire pit.

Modular Design: The crossfire burner is “modular”. That means we can combine our fittings to design virtually ANY configuration for a gas fire pit burner. I promise that no other burner manufacturer has that ability!

Montana Fire Pits has the capacity to not let something like that get in the way of your vision. Our family business had perfected the method of creating custom built burners to meet your desired specifications! This means nothing stands in the way of you entertaining in front of the perfect outdoor feature.

Submit Your Design Ideas To Get Started

A fire pit not only provides a great gathering space for friends and family but can be the anchor for the rest of your landscape design.

For homeowners who would like to incorporate unique, fully custom designed fire pits and fire art décor into their patio design, Montana Fire Pits can do it. Our custom fire pieces can be ultra-specialized and ultra-original designs straight from your imagination, or the can be fully functional tools used for heating, cooking, and comfort. Or they can be both!

At Montana Fire Pits, we specialize in all things fire, so you can rest assured that our selection of custom built burners, components, media, and all fire pit accessories will surpass all other retailers in the market. We have all the tools, techniques, and, most importantly, the drive and know-how to see your vision through!

Submit Your Design Ideas

Don’t wait any longer to realize the fire pit of your dreams. Submit your design ideas to get started!

Gas Fire Pit Design
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