Fire Features Checklists (Test)


Pay Over Time

Our step-by-step guide and handy cheat sheets help you map out your custom fire feature, exactly the way you want. Nailing this down has been helpful to people all over the nation, I know it will help you get organized too.

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • Determine what kind of fire feature ranging from shape to construction materials that you will need
  • Why you need CrossFire Burner™  and how it will transform your fire pit
  • How to determine what size and shape of burner you need for your fire pit
  • A checklist of what kind of professional support you’ll need to install and finish your fire feature build out
  • How to organize all these pieces and outline everything so you have that “it’s under control” feeling

Building your own gas outdoor fire feature shouldn’t be hard or overwhelming, but there are many important steps. Let us help take the confusion out of it for you all for less than a tank of gas.


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