Gold Tube Infrared Heater
Gold Tube Infrared Heater
Gold Tube Infrared Heater
Gold Tube Infrared Heater

Gold Tube Infrared Heater

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Gold Tube Infrared Heater Comes Complete With:

-Remote control

-Mounting kit materials

-Golden Tube Heating Element

-Choice of 1500W or 3000W

Pay Over Time
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Genesis Series – Gold Tube Infrared Heater

-Remote control included

-Mounting kit materials included


Wattage – 1500W or 3000W

Voltage – 220V

Amps – 13.6Amp

Plug Type – Pigtailed for 3000W

Water Rating – IPX5


Dimensions – 38 x 5 x 4 inches (3000W) 25 x 5 x 4 (1500W)

Weight – 5-7lbs

Element – Golden Tube

Our heaters are entirely safe to use (must be installed by a licensed professional). With the use of “Far Infrared,” or “Long Wave” infrared wavelengths that emit temperatures in the 450-550 degrees Fahrenheit. Far infrared heating is 100% natural for humans and pets and is completely safe. The human body is designed to accept and emit infrared waves. Far-Infrared heating works on the basis of gentle, long-wave Infrared which penetrates the air and heats solids. If you like the warmth of the sun, then you will love the feeling you get from your heater. However, unlike the sun, our heaters only emit safe infrared heat, not the harmful UV. So you get the feeling of the sun without the damaging rays.

Our far-infrared heaters work by warming the thermal mass of the space, and on initial start-up, this may take 30-40 minutes depending on the area to be heated. It is essential to go through this phase to warm the thermal mass of the space for the heaters to work efficiently.


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