This is referring to the shape of your opening (not necessarily the shape of your fire feature) This is the most logical place to start… an easy question to answer as you probably have some bit of your design worked out. Here is a curated list of the most popular Crossfire Burner kits for the 3 most common shapes.

Original Crossfire Burners

Works best in Round or Square openings. Ah, the classic crossfire burner where it all started. You cannot go wrong with these burners and they are a perfect solution for any round or square fire pit opening.

Octagonal Crossfire Burners

Works best in Round and Square openings. Think of the Octagon as the “new and improved” version of the Original crossfire. These offer a more “round” flame pattern with all jets converging in the center to create tall, incredible flames.

Tree-Style Crossfire Burners

Works best in Rectangular openings where you want some serious BTU’s for aesthetics and heat. These accompany our ready to finish kits and many of our concrete complete fire pits

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