Fire Pit Covers

Why cover your fire pit?

Substantial rainfall or moisture over time can build up in your fire pit burner. This can restrict the gas flow, cause a gurgling sound or whistle, and in extreme cases keep your fire pit from lighting. You also want to avoid letting your lava rock get too wet, as it can build up steam when fire hits it and cause the rock to catapult out of fire pit!

What style should I get?

Flat metal covers are great if your fire media doesn’t mound up past your fire pit top. You can place them over the opening right after you turn the fire off. With canvas or vinyl, you have to allow it to cool down first. These are also great for turning your fire feature into a table when not in use.

Canvas and Vinyl covers are perfect for covering the entire structure. If you plan on using a fire media that mounds up, such as logs or cannonballs, this is the option for you. They are easily customizable through our affiliate site, ‘Covers and All’. 

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