Flex Lines & Key Valve Kits


The main purpose of a key valve is to enable flame-height adjustment and the ability to easily turn off the gas. The flex line simply connects the key valve to the burner. 

Do you need a key valve/flex line?

  • We recommend it for 85% of all fire feature builds
  • If you’d rather use a gas valve or propane nozzle, you can. Just make sure it’s close enough to your fire feature for safe lighting
  • Even if you have the Premium Electronic ignition, if you want the ability to adjust the flame height, you still need a key valve and flex line kit

Important: When you order a burner package and select YES for flex line/key valve, or you order a complete system from us, we will include the proper sizes and fittings required to connect the key valve to the burner. It will be the best set up for the system that you ordered.


CLICK HERE for Key Valve/Flex Line Sizes

All of the flex lines we provide are whistle free. In order for a large volume of fuel to continue through the key valve on to the burner without any loud whistling, a special line is required. Some standard, yellow flex lines will whistle very loudly when you turn up the fire. 

Keep in mind, there’s a difference between whistling and the sound of mild, rushing wind. No matter what, you’ll probably have the sound of air moving through lines. That’s normal. Sometimes if there is moisture in the line, it can cause a mild whistle or gurgling sound. Over time, it should evaporate. Meanwhile, keep the burner covered when it rains. 

We recommend that you schedule a professional to connect the components. With that in mind, here are some installation tips:

Key Valve Installation

  • Prime the valve before installation. Described in THIS VIDEO
  • You’ll need a hole in your fire feature to install this
  • Our complete systems come pre-drilled
  • The hole should be approx. 1-1/4″ in diameter
  • For paver builds, or any fire feature with a thick wall, consider adding a key valve extension to your order
  • Pro Tip: If hard pipe is not used to connect to the inlet of the key valve, you may notice that it moves when the key is turned. You may need to get creative and assemble a sort of “key valve mounting bracket” to keep the key valve stable.

Flex Line Installation

  • Standard ‘straight’ fittings require pipe dope or tape in order to seal
  • ‘Flared’ fittings do NOT require pipe dope or tape
  • Watch the videos to see where each fitting goes

Flex Lines


Flex line kits make DIY fire features easy by providing all the necessary components for creating the link between your natural gas or propane fuel source and your fire pit burner.

We also offer a whistle free stainless steel flex line replacement if you’re looking to upgrade an existing flex line.

You receive the flex line, key valve, and key in various sizings to suit your specific fire pit design needs.

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