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Pro Solutions

by Montana Fire Pits


Bringing fire to life

Welcome to the Montana Fire Pits Pro Solutions Program

If your clients want fire… THIS fire is what they are talking about.

The design/build community is creative, robust and highly skilled. Our founder, Jonathan Howie, has built his career in design, construction and architecture and is still as fascinated by all aspects of it since the day he started.

At Montana Fire Pits, we set out to be your go-to resource to deliver your clients the most incredible gas fire features available for both residential and commercial projects.

Your Trusted Creative Partner

Gas fire features are often a focal point to outdoor spaces, and they have really started to come into view on most projects since about 2016. Montana Fire Pits has been a leader in the industry since before then. We give expert, trusted advice when design and construction is needed. Fire is our only focus; we decided to specialize in the early days and it has served our clients (and our business) quite well. ‘Specialize and thrive’ as they say.

Why Montana Fire Pits?

  • Powerful, yet subtle design
  • Not overbuilt
  • Finishes that compliment the space
  • Smooth, textured, or matte finishes
  • Custom sizes and material combinations
  • Hand built in the USA
  • Shipped direct
  • Easy installation for qualified gas professionals

Here are our 5 most common project types

  1. Centerpiece: This is the centerpiece to the outdoor living space. These are often large tables kicking off big flames and heat. 
  2. Decorative: Decorative fire features are an incredible, dazzling accent. These can be fire walls, pillars, or even flames installed in grottos or rock features.
  3. Multiple Features: Sometimes a project calls for multiple features… pillars around a pool, or a main entrance for a dramatic addition.
  4. Commercial: Apartments, condos, restaurants, breweries, public spaces. Commercial projects are adding fire features often.
  5. Master Spec: This is becoming more frequent; designing a master spec fire table for multi-family projects. You want matching fire tables on 26 new condos? We can help.

Do you need components or a complete system?

Depending on the project, your needs will vary. We can accommodate any scope. Here are a few scenarios you may consider:

  • Burner Components: This applies when you already have a custom enclosure designed and/or built on site and you need to source only the flame, electronics, media and accessories.
  • Custom Burner: This can be common if you have an enclosure designed, but require either a custom burner, or a custom burner plate to fill the space with flame. We are also the only manufacturer that can build a custom burner manifold due to the modular nature of our fittings.
  • U-finish Kit (Standard & Custom): These kits are constructed from 1” welded aluminum frame to any specification and shipped as freight to your location. Your mason or builder then finishes the exterior with your choice of material. Common finishes are stone fascia, tile, marble, etc.
  • Complete System (GFRC or Steel): These are fantastic for when you need a turn-key system. We work with you and your client to design and build a complete fire feature with all components ready to install once it hits your project site. Complete systems are amazing for a lot of reasons, and any qualified gas professional is able to install these easily with common tools and materials.
  • Custom Complete: We are able to design and build even 100% custom fire features in a number of different materials, shapes, sizes, flames and finishes. Of course this is a slightly longer process, but discerning clients want one-of-a-kind. We can help you deliver.

Design With Fire

With more and more materials and increased capability, it helps to know what’s possible when you are designing with fire. Here are a few tips and suggestions you might consider.

Don’t Settle: When you Google search “fire pit” , you may quickly become overwhelmed with results. It’s difficult not knowing how to discern what’s what. Well, you have found us and we are here to assure you NOT to settle for anything less than the best! We provide a fire experience that is unmatched in the industry.

Design with Purpose: This is a way to use materials from your home or landscape to create your fire feature. Perhaps you want your fire feature to have a built-in look using the same stone as in your wainscot or capstone on a sitting wall. Then our “u-finish” kits may be a fit.

Custom one-of-a-kind: Maybe you want to match your rustic wood siding or incredible timberframe structure? We can design and build a custom table incorporating those same elements. Let us take a look and make some suggestions.

Material, Color & Finish: With flexibility, you can design more freely. Because we focus on possibilities, we open the door to unlimited options to suite your needs. We also offer plenty of advice when it comes to making all the choices. 

Design Community

Architects, interior designers, design/build firms, landscape architects; we love and respect the work you do and your ability to bring vision to reality. We recognize the creativity involved. Your clients trust you to deliver incredible results and we want to be your partner in fire to Bring Fire to Life.


You are the craftsmen. You are the team in the field getting it done. You have the knowledge, experience and skills to build incredible outdoor spaces. We know you guys as well and we work with you all day long, all over the country. We speak your language. You want to know who has the answers you need. Let us be your go-to resource.

Designer Benefits

  • Detailed information online
  • Collaboration with trades on-site (if required)
  • Personal Design Consultation – All we need is a drawing
  • Detailed, Itemized Project Estimates
  • Installation guides
  • Detailed CAD drawings
  • Custom Fire Feature Design
  • Product Recommendations optimized for your design
  • Electrical / Gas Requirements
  • Certified Burners
  • Custom Renderings (if required)
  • Photo Realistic Renderings (if required)

Builder Benefits

  • Product Discounts (Tiered with volume)
  • Personal Design Consultation – All we need is a drawing
  • Detailed, Itemized Project Estimates
  • Installation guides
  • Detailed CAD drawings
  • Custom Fire Feature Design
  • Product Recommendations optimized for your design
  • Electrical / Gas Requirements
  • Nationally Certified Burners

Additional Benefits

  • Full online training resource HERE
  • Inspiration book to help clients decide on product and design
  • Complete systems, components, and media options for every need
  • Personal Design Consultation
  • Detailed, Itemized Project Estimates
  • Installation guides
  • Detailed CAD drawings
  • Custom Fire Feature Design
  • Product Recommendations optimized for your design
  • Electrical / Gas Requirements
  • Certified Burners
  • Custom Renderings (if required)
  • Photo Realistic Renderings (if required)

How it Works

Our process is refreshingly simple. We take your drawing, dimensions or even just a sketch and we configure the best gas burner configuration for the feature. We recommend and itemize all of the components with pricing so you can budget, present and sell the project to your clients easily and clearly.


You don’t have to be the expert in fire, but you do need to know who the fire expert is. It’s us.

  • Fill out a quick application
  • In 2-3 days, you’ll receive correspondence from us
  • We have team members ready to help you with your project
  • Submit drawings if you need a custom burner or fire feature
  • We ship everything directly to the job site

Submit Custom Requests Here


Quick and Simple Application

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Pro Solutions Partner Application

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Prices are Changing

Beginning September 1st, 2022

Due to higher labor and shipping costs, complete systems will increase in price by an average of 5-7%. For best prices, we recommend ordering in August. As always, with Montana Fire Pits you’ll enjoy:

  • Products made in the U.S.A
  • Highest quality materials and design
  • High customer satisfaction ratings
  • The best fire in the industry

Thank you for considering Montana Fire Pits!

Lead Times & Shipping


Your Product Ships in:

(transit time not included)

  • Standard Burners: 10-14 Business Days
  • Custom Burners: 3-4 Weeks
  • Venture Series (Steel): 8 Weeks
  • “Ready to Ship” Fire Tables: 1-2 Weeks
  • Gather Series (Concrete): 8-10 Weeks
  • Fire Media: 2-4 Weeks
  • Backordered Fire Media: 3-6 Weeks
  • Ready to Finish Kits: 5-7 Weeks
  • Color Samples: 5-7 Days
  • Fire Pit Parts: 5-7 Days

Shipping Costs

*Free Shipping: Applies to most orders over $99 in the continental U.S. with the following exceptions listed below:

  • Burners/Plates over 36″:  $279.00
  • Electronic Ignition: $479.00
  • Ready to Finish Kits: $279.00

Our burners and fire features are hand-made in the U.S. and good things take time. These lead times are based on our best estimates and are updated weekly. Thank you for your patience as we strive to ship your fire gear as fast as possible.