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Welcome to Montana Fire Pits and our exclusive shop dedicated to elevating your outdoor lifestyle. We are dedicated to helping you build an outdoor oasis that exudes new heights of luxury and sophistication. Explore a curated collection of premium products meticulously crafted to redefine outdoor living.

Discover our stunning range of natural gas and propane fire pits and tables, meticulously engineered with the finest materials including steel and concrete, ensuring both unparalleled durability and timeless elegance. Each piece showcases artisanal craftsmanship, promising to transform any outdoor space into a captivating haven for relaxation and entertainment.

We at Montana Fire Pits offer high-end furniture collections, boasting a remarkable 20-year warranty for peace of mind and assurance of enduring quality. From sleek loungers to elegant dining sets, our furniture combines superior comfort with exquisite design, elevating alfresco gatherings to unforgettable experiences.

Illuminate your outdoor oasis with our cutting-edge solar lighting solutions. Designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions and free from cumbersome wiring, our Bluetooth-enabled lights effortlessly blend style and functionality, creating enchanting ambiances at the touch of a button.

Experience the epitome of outdoor luxury with Montana Fire Pits. Shop now and immerse yourself in a world where opulence meets nature, and every moment is a celebration of refined living.

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        Fire Pit Cover Guide

        • Keeps the finish clean
        • Great for covering fire pits with stacked up fire media over 5 inches, such as with gas logs
        • Not considered necessary if you have a tabletop cover
        • You may consider it for harsh winters, prolonged sunlight

        We recommend that you purchase your SOFT COVER after your fire pit is installed and your fire media is chosen.

        Tabletop Cover Options

        Note: Most tabletop covers that are larger than 48″ are fabricated in 2 or more pieces for ease of handling.

        The Advantage of Arbor Wood

        We at Montana Fire Pits have a favorite when it comes to covers; introducing our very own hand-made Arbor Wood Covers. They elevate a fire system to new levels in regards to aesthetics, as well as functionality. 

        • Thermally modified lumber allows natural wood to last 30+ years
        • You can let it weather into a beautiful gray tones, or easily re-apply protective oil at anytime to enjoy the dark, rich colors
        • Lighter and easier to carry compared to steel covers
        • Create a very inviting and functional tabletop experience
        • Recommended Clear Oil: Cutek Stain Extreme
        • Purchase ARBOR WOOD

        Covering the Burn Area

        • Best practice is to cover at least the burn area when not in use
        • This keeps water and debris out of the components
        • If you consistently cover your Crossfire burner, you enjoy the peace of mind of a lifetime warranty

        Covering Edge to Edge

        • Covering the entire top of the fire system is a great design option
        • Creates a very uniform appearance
        • Especially fitting for when your top ledge is 5″ or narrower
        • Go ahead and make the dimensions such that the cover overhangs the edge to make handling easier (we recommend a total of 2″ larger than the total fire system when using a flat cover for this purpose)

        Adding Sidewalls: the Raised Cover

        • Available with our hand-built Arbor Wood Covers
        • When you want fire media that mounds up, such as cannonballs or logs, a cover with sidewalls might be for you
        • Determine how high your fire media might be
        • In rectangle fire systems, fire media tends to mound up a little less, and so we recommend 5″ sidewalls 
        • For round fire systems which tend to have higher fire media, we recommend 8″ – 10″ sidewalls 

        Understanding Materials and Applications


        • Lowest cost option when purchased with a steel fire system
        • Sits flush within the burn area for a perfect fit
        • Flawless color match
        • Disadvantage: it’s heavy, can be mildly difficult to place on the fire system


        • Lighter than steel
        • Great for concrete, ready to finish kits, paver fire pits, etc…
        • Can be powder coated or raw/brushed
        • When ordered with a concrete system, aluminum covers will be built to fit within the burn area ledge for a flush interface

        Arbor Wood

        • Beautiful and authentic
        • Easy to handle
        • Very low maintenance
        • Extremely long-lasting
        • Editor’s pick BEST fire pit cover


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