Ready to Finish Fire Pits

Just add the veneer!

Looking for a Custom Design?

Yes… we can do that!

Popular Finishing Ideas

  • Blue Stone
  • Granite Top
  • Tile
  • Wood Sides with Non-Combustible Top
  • Marble
  • Stucco
  • Brick
  • Materials that match your patio/pool area


These ready-to-finish fire pit kits are well thought out and easy to finish. These are complete fire pit systems ready to install and use. The final touches are up to you. We take the heavy lifting out of it.

We understand the tastes and needs of each person is different.  That is why we offer our customizable fire pit solutions. We provide the mechanical structure of your new custom gas fire pit, while you choose how you want to present your fixture. Our ready-to-finish custom made fire pit kits allow you to experience a bright and natural looking flame. We offer a variety of shapes so you can create a finished structure that works best for your needs.

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