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Your Definitive Fire Pit Video Planning Guide

Check out our expert videos where we show you the ins and outs of building your very own outdoor gas fire pit. You don’t have to go at it alone. We are here to help you every step of the way. Choose your path:  Design Professional, Building Professional, or Homeowner. If you have any questions, just get in touch today!


Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Burners & Accessories

Authorized Warming Trends Dealer Carrying Only The Best Natural Gas and Liquid Propane Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Burners Available On The Market Today!


Download The Ultimate Fire Pit Planning Guide FREE!

If you are working on building a custom outdoor gas fire pit and you’re feeling overwhelmed with information, this Guide is going to simplify everything. This step by step guide walks you through each of the critical planning steps allowing you to be sure that you haven’t missed anything. This guide could save you hundreds of dollars and hours of planning time. Get the guide today for free!

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What Are Customers Saying About Us?

Adrian Valencia
Adrian Valencia
00:30 19 Aug 17
When I began this project, I started did looking at the standard propane bottle kits you find at Costco and other big box stores. I first heard about Warming Trends burners when I went to a local shop in town that had a variety of fire pit options. When the salesman lit the warming trends demo unit, I was sold. I took quickly to the online forums and you tube. Here is where I got a ton of information from Montana Fire Pits. Jonathan explained the burners and the entire process so that I could make sense of it all. I had the opportunity to talk with Jonathan and he helped me understand the requirements needed for me to make an awesome natural gas pit in my back yard makeover. After a couple of conversations and all the videos, I finally ordered my own 36" plate with an 180k burner. Weeks past by and the contractor finally installed my burner into our custom fire pit. A successful project starts with excellent sales and technical knowledge. Each night I fire my burner up, I thank Jonathan for all the great advise. From concept to reality, Warming Trends and Montana Fire Pits helped this all come together. No regrets when dealing with Montana Fire Pits. I recommend him to everybody interested in going above and beyond the standard products you can buy. If you insist on quality and reliability, then you better be buying from Montana Fire Pits. Thanks J..
Mary Losch
Mary Losch
14:41 14 Aug 17
Fabulous response time.
Troy Hanninen
Troy Hanninen
01:50 26 Mar 17
Nate Nunnally
Nate Nunnally
19:24 15 Dec 14
Quality craftsman with a great product!
Jonathan R. Howie
Jonathan R. Howie
00:38 15 Dec 14
So thrilled to be a part of Montana Fire Pits!
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Our Core Values

We believe in supplying our customers with the highest quality of outdoor gas fire pit products on the market today and we do it with customer service that is second to none.

Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Accessories

Complete your outdoor gas fire pit with some beautiful fire glass or ceramic logs.