Aspen Log Set
Aspen Log Set
Aspen Log Set
Aspen Log Set
Aspen Log Set
Aspen Log Set
Aspen log set
Aspen Log Set

Aspen Log Set

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  • Select the size that corresponds to the “opening size” or “inside diameter” of your fire pit
  • Individually cast and then hand painted to perfection, creating the most realistic looking logs on the market
  • These logs are Vented, and suitable for outdoor use or for indoor fireplaces with a flue/vent
  • Please allow up to 3 weeks for receiving your product due to the nature of these hand-crafted ceramic pieces and high demand.
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The Quaking Aspen ceramic logs are cast from real logs found in nature and then hand painted to bring to life the natural beauty. The name Quaking Aspen comes from the appearance of the Aspen tree when the wind is blowing. The leaves of the tree are attached to the branches with a long petiole; this allows even the faintest of breezes to cause the leaves to flutter. The fluttering effect gives the appearance that the Aspen is “Quaking” or “Trembling” hence the name Quaking Aspen. The detail in the casting and painting by our craftsman are second none.

Aspen log set


  • Quantity

    9 logs / 16 logs / 31 logs

  • Material

    Ceramic Log

  • Available Sizes

    18-28″ log sets (ranging from 9″-18″ in size)

    29-39″ log sets (ranging from 9″-20″ in size)

    40-50″ log sets (ranging from 9″-25″ in size)


What log set do I need?

It all depends on the heat retention you want to get and how much you care about your logs looking like wood. Watch this video to learn more about the effect that steel logs can create!

How much lava rock do I need?

Watch this short video to answer this question

Or you can try our lava rock calculator!

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