Arch Fire

Custom Fire Design

by Montana Fire Pits

Arch Fire

Custom Fire Design

by Montana Fire Pits

What Makes a Fire PIT Custom?

Medium Wide Custom Peak

Often times, discerning clients require a specialty fire feature. These often include decorative designs, like a feature wall alongside a 20’ length of a pool, or multiple fire features surrounding an outdoor space. For many projects, we already have a standard product that will work great in your build. Take a look at our SHOP page to first make sure we haven’t already designed what you need. Here are a few characteristics that call for custom designs: 

  • Single burners over 54″ long
  • Ready to Finish Kits that aren’t standard
  • Curved, or varying sized burners
  • Non-standard rectangular openings that require custom cut plates or pans
  • A complete fire pit that is larger than our standard sizes

We want to help your project happen. Fill out the form and we’ll be in touch.

New Inquiry

  • Where do you live?
  • What shape is your build
  • For custom quotes, please include 1) burner style desired 2) dimensions 3) electronic ignition: yes/no

We take special care of builders, designers, architects, landscape specialists; all those in the trade. If you’re interested in special benefits, including discounted pricing and more, read more about Pro Solutions, or take 2 minutes to fill out the application below:

Pro Solutions Partner Application

A minimum of 3 builds per year required.
  • Please enter a number from 0 to 200.

How the process works

When we work on a custom fire feature design, you can be assured that the process is smooth, creative and detailed. We take any concept (even napkin sketches), and we turn them into working CAD drawings quickly and efficiently.

Virtually anything is possible. We are the ONLY company with a unique, modular system. This allows us the ability to create incredible burners and complete systems that no one has seen before. 

  • Start with a concept or images of the space
  • We turn your concept into working CAD drawings
  • Revisions
  • Final Submittal Drawings
  • Approved Drawings

How long does it take and what does it cost?

  • 3-4 weeks in production
  • We provide itemized estimates
  • Design fees may apply depending on needs and complexity

Commercial Spaces and Certifications

  • Yes, we have many units installed in commercial spaces all over the U.S. and Canada
  • Many of our standard burners are indeed certified using ICC-ES and ANSI standards, and you can find a complete listing here. If the design allows, we may be able to incorporate certified burners into a custom enclosure. However, custom one-off burners will most likely NOT be certified. Check the local code and restrictions to verify.
  • Adding Premium Electronic Ignition is recommended for commercial uses
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