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Yes, we offer the best burners with the biggest flames. And we want to help you with all the ins and out when it comes to your natural gas fire pit burner or other components of your fire pit kit. But we believe in more than that. As a small family-owned business, first and foremost, we believe in morals. And that means we believe in customer service and supplying our customers with the highest quality outdoor gas fire pit burner or accessories on the market today.

We’d like to think that our customer service is second to none and would love the opportunity to prove it to you. At Montana Fire Pits, we know that excellent customer service involves meeting and exceeding expectations. It means showing the customer how important he or she is by interacting with them in a friendly, helpful, and positive way. Since the ins and outs of gas fire features are a novelty for some, we want you to feel comfortable in approaching us with your questions. We are experts on the products we sell and insist on leaving a lasting impression on your home for many years to come.


It is easy to toss around buzzwords like customer service and, especially, core values. But we take it to heart. As a family-owned company, we recognize that our work represents our namesake. We say what we mean, and we mean what we say. Our core values start with great service. We are a small family business that understands the value of high-quality service. We are certain that, upon working with us, you’ll agree.

We hold ourselves and those which represent us to the highest standards. We carry only the best outdoor gas fire pit products available on the market today and we only employ people that represent Montana Fire Pits with the utmost expertise and integrity. We embody professional design. Our burners are designed and manufactured to stand the test of time. Since you are not like everybody else, we believe in custom fire pit solutions. Do you need a custom design? No problem, we can custom build gas fire pit burners to your exact specifications.


Montana Fire Pits offers multiple options to suit our customers’ diverse need of outdoor fire pit kits and accessories. From top-of-the-line American made perfection to basic, entry-level and efficient fire bowls for your backyard patio, we offer an opportunity for each and every one of you.

We recognize that fire pits are more than keeping you warm in cold weather, they are an instrument of togetherness that adds exceptional value to your outdoor living space. Because of that, we have chosen only the finest complete fire pit manufactures and assembled a stellar collection of styles, materials, and functions to meet the preferences of our unique blend of customers.

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