Tips for finding your perfect gas fire pit burner shape and size!1 min read

Tips for finding your perfect gas fire pit burner shape and size!

Tips for finding your perfect gas fire pit burner shape and size!

In this article, you are going to learn about the components and the modularity of the Crossfire Burner

We know the basic configuration in the Crossfire Burner is modular – but what does that mean?

It means it’s made up of components and those components can be added together to make the different and customized configurations.

We have different sized nipples with a hex head, the Jets, the T’s, smaller nipples, everything. And these all fit together to make different sizes and configurations – allowing you to customize to your heart’s content.

So whether it is the original H style, linear tree style, double tree style, radial, you get the idea.

Each one of these is just configured out of these modular parts to make a different flame pattern.

The 250,000 original versus the 280,000 octagonal. 

Original Crossfire Burner Linear Style Crossfire Burner H-Style Crossfire Burner Octagonal Crossfire Burner

Now if you look closely,  you’ll see that it’s just a difference in configuration of the

Jets that could be octagonal to create a more round flame but all of which are jets pointing in towards each other to create the CROSSFIRE.

Something important to note is that all burners are up to 290,000 BTUs and are made from 1/2″ stock – and after that –  go up to 3/4″.

So to recap: modular pieces, parts, Jets, T’s, fittings – all these things go to create the different configurations, different sizes, and different BTU ratings of the CROSSFIRE Burner.

You can build your own custom outdoor gas fire feature by visiting us here to research and build your own.

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