Weathered Oak Log Set
Weathered Oak Log Set
Weathered Oak Log Set
Weathered Oak Log Set
Weathered Oak Log Set
Weathered Oak Log Set
Weathered Oak Log Set
Weathered Oak Log Set
Weathered Oak Log Set
weathered oak 29 inches
Weathered Oak Log Set
weathered oak 18 inch
Weathered Oak Log Set

Weathered Oak Log Set

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  • Select the size that corresponds to the “opening size” or “inside diameter” of your fire pit.
  • Please allow 1-2 weeks for receiving your product due to the nature of these hand-crafted ceramic pieces.
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Product Description

The Arizona Weathered Oak logs are cast from real logs found in nature and then hand painted to bring the natural beauty of the log to life. All of our products tell a story, and the story behind the creation of this set is no different. Forty years ago, a young boy was hiking through the Red Vermilion Cliffs on the Arizona-Utah border, when he and his family came across a scrub oak that had been struck down by Mother Nature. The sheer awe and beauty of this lighting struck oak would leave a lifelong impression on the young boys mind. In October of 2011 the scrub oak was rediscovered laying in the same spot that it had been 40 years earlier and was more beautiful than ever. The boy, now a man with a family of his own, backpacked the logs of the fallen oak out of the canyon to be enjoyed in your home today.

weathered oak 18 inch


  • Quantity

    9 logs / 16 logs / 31 logs

  • Material

    Ceramic Oak

  • Available Sizes

    18-28″ log sets (ranging from 9″-18″ in size)

    29-39″ log sets (ranging from 9″-20″ in size)

    40-50″ log sets (ranging from 9″-25″ in size)


What log set do I need?

It all depends on the heat retention you want to get and how much you care about your logs looking like wood. Watch this video to learn more about the effect that steel logs can create!


How much lava rock do I need?

Watch this short video to answer this question.

Or you can try our lava rock calculator!

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