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Fit a powerful gas burner in any shape or size. Get creative! Complete with all-brass construction, a limited-lifetime warranty, and twice the flame as standard stainless steel burners.

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These specialty gas burners are exactly the unique style of fire pit burner you've been looking for. Circular designs and customizable centipede style burners will add the finishing touch to your custom fire feature. We've added the convenient option to include a flex valve kit (flex line, key valve, and key) as well as an aluminum burner plate at checkout. Get everything you need to set-up your fire feature all in one purchase.

Our specialty natural gas fire pit kit burners come in a variety of styles.  Whatever your gas fire pit needs, we have a burner that can work for you. If you find the process of choosing fire pit accessories daunting, we also provide a free buying guide that can provide the information you need to be confident in your buying decisions. We sell full gas fire pit kit burners and accessories so you’ll have everything you need to get your fire pit up and running. For more information on our natural gas and propane fire pit kit and burners, contact us today.


Check out our Fire Pits 101 section to learn all you need to know about fire pits, fire media, fire pit accessories, and more.


Montana Fire Pits offers multiple options to suit our customers’ diverse need of outdoor fire pit kits and accessories. From top-of-the-line American made perfection to basic, entry-level and efficient fire bowls for your backyard patio, we offer an opportunity for each and every one of you.

We recognize that fire pits are more than keeping you warm in cold weather, they are an instrument of togetherness that adds exceptional value to your outdoor living space. Because of that, we have chosen only the finest complete fire pit manufactures and assembled a stellar collection of styles, materials, and functions to meet the preferences of our unique blend of customers.

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