H-Style Burners


The Crossfire by Warming Trends

Perfect for RECTANGULAR openings, the H-STYLE Crossfire burner fits best in slightly wider builds. Complete with all-brass construction, a limited-lifetime warranty, and twice the flame as standard stainless steel burners.

Key Dimensions Overview

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Add beauty, warmth, and the most realistic looking flame with a Warming Trends h-style gas burner. These burners work well with most custom fire pit designs. The Warming Trends h-style burner utilizes their specific gas to air ratio to create the best flame with minimal fuel consumption.

Our wide selection of Warming Trends H Style gas burners provides a realistic and natural looking flame. Beyond its visual appeal, this style of burner fits in most fixtures and allows for a reliable and efficient burn, making this style of Crossfire burner the choice for many homeowners. If you are not confident in choosing the right H style gas burner for your needs, read our free burner selection guide below.  Our fire pit experts have compiled the information you need to choose the right burner kit for your backyard fire pit. If you have any questions about the right Crossfire gas kit for you, contact us today.


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