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6 Most Helpful Tips when Buying a Gas Fire Pit

The Top 6 Most Helpful Tips when Buying a Gas Fire Pit


Buying an outdoor gas fire pit burner may seem simple at first. The obvious choice is usually to go with whatever design best suits your style of outdoor fire pit. However, there are several factors you should consider before buying a gas fire pit burner.

#1 – Your gas supply

Whether it’s propane or natural gas, be sure to consult with your local fire pit professional to make sure that you have an adequately sized gas line. Your gas line’s size is based on your fuel source, the distance of the run, and the BTU output of the burner you are considering. If you purchase too small of a gas line, then you will not be able to produce enough heat in the burner or fill the fire pit.

#2 – Your inside dimensions

Whether your fire pit is square, round, rectangular, or custom, you’re going to base your burner size on the inside dimensions of your finished fire pit. You will then need to work backward to determine the size of the burner based on BTUs and the size of the burner and plate.

#3 – The burner and plate combination

Once you’ve determined your gas supply and your BTU is available you’re going to be looking at the actual burner size. There are three things to consider: the BTU output, the actual size of the burner, and the size of the plate or pan.

#4 – Your ignition

There are several types of ignitions. The most common, most popular, and easiest to use is called match lit.  The name is rather misleading since you do not strike a match when lighting it. You instead use a barbecue lighter or a small butane torch. Basically, you turn on the gas and you light the burner. In addition to match lit, we also have an electronic ignition and a push-button spark igniter.

#5 – Your burn media

Burn media is a non-flammable substance that lines the inside of your gas fire pit. Some examples include lava rock, fire glass, ceramic logs set, cannonballs, and fire rock. Each burn media has its own visual appeal. Fire glass has quickly become a favorite for outdoor fire pits because of its ability to refract the light of the gas flames. A classic ceramic log set has a rustic feel to it that will remind you of a traditional log fire.

#6 –  A cover

A cover is arguably one of the most important features of your outdoor fire pit. Whether that is a flat aluminum cover, a cover with side walls, or a canvas cover, it is highly recommended that you purchase one. You need to protect your burner from rain, dust, sand, leaves, snow, and whatever is gonna get into it. A nicely built cover will protect your fire pit and look good a the same time.


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