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What Is The Best Brass Fire Pit Burner?

What Is The Best Brass Fire Pit Burner?

fire-pit-5When choosing a fire pit burner for your natural gas or propane fire pit, it is important that you choose one that will keep going for a lifetime. At Montana Fire Pits, we only use brass because it retains and emits more heat than stainless steel. Furthermore, brass is more erosion resistant towards corrosive materials such as gas. If you have done your research, then you have probably found that there is only one real choice for a brass fire pit burner.

Warming Trends Crossfire Brass Burner

Warming Trends has quickly become the leader in modern fire pit burners for a number of reasons. Over time, their brand has become synonymous with quality and value. Why exactly is that? The crossfire burner comes with a lifetime guarantee because Warming Trends knows that their brass burners are built to last. Due to their being corrosion resistant, Crossfire burners are able to stave off the chemical compounds in natural gas and propane that would otherwise corrode materials like stainless steel. This takes away the need for eventual replacement. Replacing a burner can be a huge hassle as you have to pull out the fill media and disconnect the burner from the flex line. Get rid of that worry by choosing a burner that comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Twice The Flame At Half The Gas

Warming Trends Crossfire technology is built to both save you money while giving you a large flame to gather around. They have developed something they call the Venturi effect. Essentially, the installed jets within crossfire burners are engineered to mix the air around the burner with the fuel at a perfect ratio that is produced at the point of combustion to produce a flame that is both larger and brighter than other burners. This works by specifically engineering the brass pipes of the burner in a way to create a high-velocity flow of fuel that sucks in air as it passes. This means that you are actually using less natural gas or propane than any other burner on the market.


fire-pit-backyardUnlike other fire pit burner manufacturers, Warming Trends offers a plethora of shapes for your fire pit and the ability to customize the fire pit to your specifications. Even if you have a specially designed enclosure, don’t just think that you will have to order a custom burner. Crossfire burners come in a number of different shapes such as square, rectangle, circular, linear, tree-style, H-style, and Serpent. Each of these shapes also come in different sizes that also increase in the diameter of the pipes that make up the burner as to correspondingly increase the BTUs.

We hope you can see that Warming Trends Crossfire burners are easily the best brass fire pit burners of 2018. With their lifetime guarantee and economic engineering, they should be the easy choice for your new fire pit. Don’t waste another minute looking at stainless steel burners that will break down and need replacement over time. Make the right choice the first time. You will thank yourself later.

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