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Building Commercial Fire Pits Outdoors

Building Commercial Fire Pits Outdoors

Whether your commercial establishment is at the base of a ski hill, deep in the woods, or smack dab in the middle of a big city, an outdoor commercial fire pit can add much-needed luxury for your guests to enjoy. Giving your guests the ability to gather around a large flame is giving them the option to make memories with family and friends with your commercial enterprise as a backdrop. This means that the memories they form will have a direct connection to your business. Can anyone say, “repeat customers”? However, using fire in a traditional fire pit is not the only commercial option available. A business can utilize all kinds of fire feature options to leave their guests stunned when they arrive. Let’s look at some of the ins and outs of commercial fire pits and fire features outdoors.

Scale and Infrastructure

commercial-fire-pitThe main difference between a commercial fire pit and a home fire feature is mostly the scale and/or infrastructure. Imagine the type of large fire pits that are found at most ski hill lodges. These huge fire pits need correspondingly huge burners to produce the size of flame and BTUs to fill the pits. As a rule of thumb; the larger the burner, the more the cost. Furthermore, larger gas or propane burners need larger gas lines or propane tanks in order to supply enough fuel to the burner to produce the desired flame. This means that all of the fuel lines must be of a certain diameter to push the gas or propane through to the burner.

Perhaps, instead of building one large fire pit for your guests, consider building multiple fire features around your commercial establishment. Regardless whether these fire features are indoor or outdoor, you still need to connect each one to a gas line or propane tank.

Similarly to the size of the burner, the number of burners connected to a gas line will determine the size of the gas line needed to supply all of the burners with enough fuel to fire them all up. If you are considering propane, it is a bit easier to make sure each one has a propane tank to supply it with fuel for the burner. However, if you want your outdoor commercial fire features to look as professional as your business, you will also need to figure out how to hide the connected propane tank. Your guests want to be awed by your fire feature, not stare at the tank fueling it.

Commercial Fire Pit Ideas

Fire features of all kinds are becoming popular installments at both lodging enterprises and office buildings. Really, the options are limitless for how you want your fire pit to look as long as you have the fuel infrastructure locked in. When considering what kind of fire feature you want, first think about how it will be utilized by your guests or employees.

Do you have a terrace or patio that you want your guests to spend time on? Obviously, there is the traditional fire pit for them to gather around, but there are plenty of other options. Does your patio have a beautiful view of the ocean or mountains? You could construct a long fire feature on the top of a wall that stands between your patio and the view then run a linear burner across the top. That way, when your guests sit back with a martini and take in the view, they do so over dancing flames that both add to the luxury and give off warmth for them to enjoy.

Another option is to use smaller fire features to impress your visitors. Consider installing multiple fire columns around the entrance to your building. Each of them can have a small burner and a beautiful fill media such as fire glass to produce an elegant flame that will imply stateliness as your guests enter the building. This kind of first impression can be essential to getting that important deal completed.

Fan The Flame Of Your Imagination

Whatever your goal is with your commercial fire pit or fire feature, we can help you bring it to fruition. Each project presents its own obstacles, but nothing is too crazy to make happen. You simply need the right fuel supply, correct burner, ignition system, and components. Give us a call and we can help you build your dream commercial fire pit outdoors!

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