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Ceramic Fire Pit Rocks: Gas Fire Pit Accessories


Ceramic fire pit rocks are a great alternative to fire glass. While not as traditional as ceramic fire logs, they still have a very rustic feel to them. They transform your fire pit into something magical as the flames flow around the stones. River rocks are a beautiful addition to any fire pit design. 

Ceramic River Rocks 1

Don’t use natural river rocks!

While ceramic river rocks are made to look very realistic, they are not actual river stones. It is absolutely crucial that you never use actual river rocks in your fire pit. Natural river rocks are porous and will absorb water. Once exposed to high heat, the water will cause the stones to explode. Not fun!

Ceramic fire stones, on the other hand, are made to withstand high temperatures. Typically, ceramic fire rocks are made from a mixture of cement and ceramic making them extremely durable. They are safe to use in both natural gas and propane fire pits.

Using Ceramic River Rocks in Your Fire Pit

Ceramic fire pit stones don’t require any maintenance. They are an affordable option for fire media so you could use them as your primary fill; however, our favorite way to use them is to put down a layer of lava rock and then mound the river stones in the center. These two types of fire media complement one another nicely. In contrast, you could use ceramic fire pit rocks as your base layer for ceramic logs. This design would look fantastic with our Geo Round Fire and Water Bowl. The mixture of fire and water is a classic and sure to be a favorite for get togethers in the backyard. Get creative with your fire pit by incorporating ceramic fire pit rocks into your design. Artistic, classic, and fun all rolled into one!

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