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Shipping to all of the U.S. and Canada!

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Concrete vs Steel – Which is Best for a Fire Pit


Why we recommend steel for your future fire feature!

For the past few years, complete fire features have made their way to the top of our best sellers list. The rise of complete systems has made outdoor living projects simply far more satisfying. In the early days, concrete (GFRC) was the material of choice for the fire ‘vessel’. GFRC stands for Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete. It’s like concrete, but with fibers mixed in to keep it from cracking. We’ve all witnessed a cracked concrete patio at some point, but GFRC is stronger and more durable. If treated with care, a GFRC fire table could last a lifetime. Of course, trends are constantly shifting. And though GFRC isn’t going anywhere, and will continue to be an extremely popular choice; STEEL has made a huge entrance into the fire pit world in the form of our Venture Series!

 Let us be clear, you can’t go wrong with either steel or GFRC. That being said, here are a few ways in which steel “checks all the boxes”, and also a few reasons why it may be the better choice for your project.

Concrete (GFRC) vs Steel


When customizing GFRC, you have to build an entire mold. That takes time and money that often exceeds what we would consider reasonable. With steel, flexibility in our manufacturing process means we can design, quote, and build to your needs. Taller, shorter, longer, wider, narrower, bigger ledge, smaller ledge… you get the idea.


There’s a good reason why car enthusiasts powder coat their wheels; it can handle the elements. Durable, and with SO many options! Glossy, matte, smooth, textured; and enough colors to cover the whole spectrum. Don’t allow yourself to become anxious about all the choices. We’ve had many powder coated fire features come through our showroom and every single one looks amazing. When set next to a GFRC unit, our steel tables look as good, if not more sleek and sophisticated.


STEEL IS STRONG!!! This isn’t thin metal; we use 3/16 good old American Steel. It’s not a tin can, it’s built like a tank. If one of our steel fire tables went up against a bus, we’d put our money on the fire table.

4. Highest Heat Output

Steel can withstand the heat of our hottest burners. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; we ONLY use burners that put out good heat. However, there’s good heat, and then there’s NEXT LEVEL heat. Steel can handle next level heat. It’s good to be aware that GFRC, when put up against the hottest burners for over 30 minutes straight in windy conditions, do have the potential to discolor, and in extreme cases, hairline cracks can occur on the surface. If you need the most heat possible, steel is for you.


The strength to weight ratio of steel can’t be beat by GFRC. Having a slightly lighter fire table can make the installation more manageable. We’re not saying the steel is light; we’re simply saying it’s not as heavy as GFRC.


Concrete GFRC units can take anywhere from 6-16 weeks! Our steel tables, being hand built by our in-house welding team, can be delivered in as little as 5-8 weeks. That’s how we do it in Montana!

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