fire glass basics

Learn the basics about fire glass!

Learn the basics about fire glass!

I’m gonna answer one simple question: What the heck is fire glass?

Fire glass is simply tempered glass that is manufactured specifically for use in fireplaces and fire pits.

This in particular is half-inch reflective fire glass, I found this to be the ideal size for applications on fire pits.

Fire Glass is NOT broken up bottles

Fire glass is manufactured this way. You can see that there’s a reflective side and when it’s burning it just looks amazing. This is because it reflects the flame, maximizing the visual beauty

Fire glass retains heat. If that burner is burning for a while the surrounding fire glass is gonna retain that heat effectively making the ambiance warmer for longer.

When you install fire glass check out this video to learn a couple of tips and tricks on how you can use less fire glass and ultimately get the same look.

What you’re doing is creating a layer of fire glass. You can use multiple colors, you can create a border.

It’s sold in pounds typically 10 to 20 pound bags of fire glass. How do you know how many pounds you need? Well when you order there’s a fire glass calculator based on the dimensions of your inside opening and the depth that you need. We have pre-measured kits based on the opening size 24, 30, 36, rectangle, squares. What happens is we’ve already measured how many pounds of fire glass you’re gonna need.

Be safe!

When you handle fire glass wear gloves. It’s glass. This fire glass does create a very fine glass dust,  you have these nice big chunks there might be some sharp edges but it does create a little bit of dust. You need to wear gloves when you’re choosing fire glass.

There’s lots of colors available just look on the website choose which one you like and best.

Let us know if you have any other questions. We are always happy to help.