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Easy DIY Fire Pit with Ready-to-Finish Fire Pit Kits!

Make your DIY gas fire pit planning simple with a ready-to-finish fire pit kit!

Montana Fire Pits makes creating your own custom fire pit easy with ready-to-finish fire pit kits. They come with everything you need to complete your fire pit yourself in no time.

Here’s what they come with:

  • Burner pan
  • Vent kit – National code requires a minimum of 18 square inches on opposing sides. Keep in mind, the holes are not cut in the side yet and must be done on-site. You decide where you want the vents and where you want to cut the holes. Venting is especially essential for liquid propane.
  • One inch welded aluminum frame
  • Half-inch cement board
  • Aluminum pan with 2″ sidewalls and drain holes
  • Flex Line Kit with Key Valve

Why are ready to finish kits the simplest answer? Because it’s nearly complete! The finishing touches put you in control of the overall aesthetics of the fire pit with all the technical requirements taken care of by us. Finish your fire pit with tile, dry stack, cultured stone, masonry – it’s up to you.

Fire Pit Kits Make Planning Easy

The biggest benefit of these things is that it makes the planning so much easier. I cannot stress enough how important it is to get your dimensions correct when planning a fire pit. You must get both the outside dimension and inside dimensions to be correct, which determines the size of the burner. It also determines the size of the the finished height.

Our ready-to-finish fire pit kits come in a variety of standard sizes from 36 all the way up to 72. There’s round, square, rectangular, octagonal, all built on these bomber frames. It makes construction and planning incredibly easy.

Also keep in mind that Warming Trend systems are effectively modular. Meaning you can combine various pieces and parts to design and build your perfect fire pit enclosure.

We can effectively make the outside dimension any size this way. This enables you to combine any burner with any plate size. You can’t beat the ability to have custom design while still being DIY friendly.

Not overbuilt

Typically fire pits are built out of massive pavers, cinder blocks, or fire brick. They often have 12 inch thick walls which is okay if you’re building it with a paver kit. Our ready-to-finish fire pit kits are not overbuilt. They are much lighter while still being perfectly safe and durable.

A major advantage to not overbuilding these fire pit kits, is that you can place them practically anywhere. They are perfect to put on a deck without the need for additional support.

Flame Patterns

All of our burners produce an incredible flame pattern. Every jet we know produces exactly the same flame, exactly the same height. It’s just the configuration the direction that they’re pointed that creates the flame pattern.

Custom Fire Pit Kit Options

When you get your kit shipped to you, it’s going to have propane or natural gas tagged on it. There is a little brass nipple that is going to connect the burner, to the pan, or plate.

Your fire pit in your enclosure will come with the burner mounted so you will not have to do this plumbing. You’re also going to get the related flex line kit which is a single flex line either 1/2 inch 3/4 or the dual flex line kit to complete all your connections underneath.

Your ready-to-finish kits also include lava rock. You will have to choose whether you want a log set or fire glass. You choose how you’re gonna finish the outside and you can also include electronics and ignitions.

With the ready-to-finish kit, if you order an electronic ignition it’s all going to come assembled already. Basically all you’re gonna do is put it in place, finish the outside, and complete the plumbing.

We hope this helps clarify Ready-to-Finish Fire Pit Kits for you. As always if you have any questions feel free to ask either through social, email or you can even gives us a call and we will be happy to help you.


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