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Tips for Buying a Fire Pit

Tips for Buying a Fire Pit

Before you buy a fire pit, there are a number of factors your should take into consideration. Style is very important but other factors like BTUs and special features are essential. Here are a few things to consider before buying your fire pit.

Know Your BTUs

You have to know the BTUs that you have available at your fire pit. Warming Trends and the Crossfire burner are pretty much breaking the mold in terms of the number of BTUs required to run a gas fire pit. Typically, you may see things in the line of 60,000 80,000 even 100,000 BTUs to run a gas grill but in our fire pits the most common sizes start at 180,000 and go up from there depending on the size of your burner. Some of you are wanting those burners to push 300 and 350,000 BTUs.

Therefore it is absolutely imperative that you verify with your plumber or HVAC professional how many BTUs you have available at your fire pit. After you’ve determined the number of BTUs that you have available to your fire pit then you can decide on the burner that’s going to work best for you. 180,000 BTU 250 300 so on and so forth.

You can determine and look at on the website. The actual dimensions of the burner and the dimensions of the plate that works best and how that fits with your fire pit.

You’ve determined BTUs, burner size, now you’re interested in the plate. What’s the plate size? Think of this in terms of modularity. Any burner can be combined with any plate. However, we do have the most common configurations already packaged together. For example 80,000 BTU fits best on a 30-inch opening but again you can combine any burner with any plate size.

Flex Line Kits

Flex line kits, many of you are wondering if you need one or if you don’t need one. It’s the key valve and the flex line to go from the key valve up to the burner. Our flex line kits are stainless steel, whistle free. All of the pieces and parts that you need to get from the key valve to the burner and we just packaged that together.

Fire Media

What type of media do you need? Media is referring to what goes on top of that burner. Lava rock, fire glass, ceramic logs, ceramic river rock, etc. The decorative part. We have all of that under “accessories” and you’re going to want to determine what you want. We have prepackaged amounts and things of that nature to make it easier for you.

DIY Fire Pits

If you’re more of a do-it-yourself kind of person, then a ready-to-finish fire pit kit may be a great option for you. It gives you all the necessary technical components to create a working fire pit. All you have to do is the finishing work. You get the freedom to design your fire pit however you’d like without the hassle of calculating dimensions.

Lead Time

Finally, you should consider lead time. How fast are you going to get it? You can assume about 7 to 10 business days from the time that you place that order depending on the season. Depending on the volume at the factory. All of these things ship factory direct. We will send you a tracking number once we receive it from the factory so that you’ll know exactly when you’re gonna get it. That way you know exactly how quickly you will be able to enjoy your new fire pit!


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