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Building a Gas Fire Pit | Do I Have Enough Gas?

Building a Gas Fire Pit – Do you have enough gas to give you the best flames?


Building a gas fire pit may not be the best option for your backyard if you do not have the fuel to create an ideal flame. The only way to best determine if you have enough fuel, natural gas, or propane is to contact a local authority. 

Every outdoor fire pit is different. Fuel lines and runs may influence your gas requirements. It is impossible for me to be able to answer that question without knowing all the answers. Things like design, size, style of your burner, and your existing gas output will influence that answer.

What is your existing gas output?

If you have not built your gas fire pit yet, then you can find out ahead of time if your gas output will need to be raised. Go big and make sure that you’d let your plumber or HVAC guy know how many BTUs you are potentially looking for.

If you have already run your gas line, then you may need to retrofit an existing ring. Upsizing to one of our burners may cause an issue because you do not have adequate fuel supply. You may need to opt for something smaller. If you do not have enough natural gas output, you could potential upgrade your gas line or opt for haul-in propane.

Now before you call and pick up the phone and say “Jonathan here’s my run. Here’s the BTU that I’m looking for. I want this burner. Do I have enough gas? ”

My answer, unfortunately, has to be “I don’t know.”

I have to default to your local guys to give you somewhat of an accurate answer. So my reply will always be: “Have you checked with a local guy?”

Get in touch with the right authorities and find out all the basics before building your gas fire pit and it will save you some headache in the long run.

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