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Step by Step Guide to Buying a Fire Pit Burner

How to Pick the Best Fire Pit Burner Online

Before you order your fire pit burner, make sure you are considering all the features you will need to pick a burner that suits you. You need to take into consideration which features are most important to you.

  • Size – Naturally, your burner will need to fit inside of your fire pit or fire bowl. It is important that you don’t select a burner that is too large. If your burner is slightly under the size you anticipated, you can buffer the outside edges with fire brick or steel to help the plate fit securely. Choose a burner that will fit with the inside dimensions of your fire pit.
  • Shape – Fire burners come in octagonal, circular, square, and rectangular shapes. Each creates a unique style of fire.
  • BTU – Choose a BTU that matches your fire pits needs and your fuel output.
  • Material – We only carry brass fire pit burners. While aluminum and steel options are sometimes cheaper, they typically do not last as long. Likewise, brass burners light cleaner, last longer, and are UL Listed and safety tested. That’s why brass is our preferred fire pit burner material.
  • Fuel – All of our Warming Trends gas pit burners are designed to be used with propane or natural gas.

When selecting a gas burner, you can either search by size, shape, or BTU output. Start your search by deciding what is the most important criteria to your fire pit design. From there you can review your options based on the other features. To make things even easier, simply order a ready-to-finish fire pit kit. However, if you want to do the full design yourself then make sure you keep in mind all the features you want to get out of your custom fire pit.

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