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Save Money When Buying Fire Glass!

Save Money When Buying Fire Glass! – The Lava Rock Trick

While fire glass has grown in popularity over the years, many skip over it in favor of more affordable fire media options. But you don’t have to! You can save money and still enjoy the beauty of fire glass with our lava rock trick.

demo set up

Pictured above is a 120,000 BTU burner. I’ve had this burner for a while and feel it’s time to replace my fire media. First, I evaluate where I will need to fill the burner in order to hide the jets. The burner itself stands about three inches above the base plate so we need media at least there. We will do a combination of lava rock and then fire glass on top of that.

demo area 2

What I’ve done here is I filled up a layer of red lava rock. You can get bags of red lava rock at your local hardware store for not very much money. Create a nice even layer but make sure your jets are exposed.

demo area 3

The key to this trick is to buy an aluminum screen and cut holes in it exactly matching your jets. This screen hides the lava rock and prevents the fire glass from falling in between the rocks. Also, if you’re ever planning to dismantle your fire pit with you, the mesh layer makes moving your fire media easy.

The next step is going to be adding the fire glass. With Warming Trends burners, all you need is 1/2 inch or more fire glass. We recommend reflective fire glass because it looks the best. 

Once you’ve added the fire glass to the top of the mesh, you’re set! It’s such a simple trick and it can absolutely save you hundreds of dollars depending on the size of your fire pit.

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