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Troubleshooting a Stuck Fire Pit Key Valve1 min read

What happens if my fire pit key valve gets stuck on my outdoor gas fire pit?

A sticky key valve is a common issue people have with their outdoor gas fire pit. The key valve comes with your flex line kit. It is a necessary component that controls how much gas is released into the fire pit.

Pictured is the quarter turn key valve that will come with your kit if you’ve ordered it. This one in particular is a 3/4 but comes in a 1/2 inch too. It is shipped to you in the open position. Do not be alarmed that there are no pieces and parts in there. There’s nothing missing. It’s a very simple device.

Sometimes, straight out of the box, this valve is sticky. Your best option is to source out a vice grip. Place a pair of vice grips on the nut and twist the nut counterclockwise to loosen it. You are trying to break the seal just a little bit.

All you’re doing is making sure that the key turns before you get it all installed. For best use of your outdoor fire pit, you want the valve to function nice and smooth. If you still are not able to loosen the key valve using a pair of vice grips, then contact the manufacturer. It is very rare that you would receive a faulty part but it is possible. 



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