Shipping to all of the U.S. and Canada!

Shipping to all of the U.S. and Canada!

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The Five F’s Of Fire Feature Design

Designing with fire and helping our clients with their fire feature design projects is simply our passion.

After many years in this industry, and the experience of co-creating hundreds of dream fire features, we have condensed an outline for designing and building (yes, from your drawings to reality) outstanding outdoor gas fire features. 

If you are thinking of building (or just buying) that fire feature that will completely light up your patio experience, then keep reading to find out what are those essential aspects you need to consider while making your decision.


The 5 Fs of Fire Feature Design


1) Fuel


Fuel equals Flame! 

Did you know the look-and-feel of your fire feature depends on the amount and type of fuel supply you have? 

Every fire pit is different. This is not a one size fits all project. You have to consider the size of the flames, color, and quality of your fire, as well as the use of your project. 

Make sure you plan this out in advance.

Also, you’ll want to coordinate with your plumber to make sure you are both on the same page.

These are some of the points you’ll need to consider: 

  • Fuel type (Natural Gas or Liquid Propane) 
  • Distance from the fuel source
  • BTU’s available  


2) Form 


The first question that we’ll like you to answer is: what is the purpose and construction of your fire feature? 

Think about everyday use and make sure you check with your local laws before you finalize your plans.

Having a clear idea of the use you want to give to your fire feature will help you get clarity on: 

  • Space Planning 
  • Shape & Size 
  • Dimensions 
  • Construction Method

3) Flame 


Identify the “burner” that will work best for your space. 

Again, every project is different, and you want to match the burner to both the look and feel you want as well as the use of the fire pit. 

We will support you in building out the accurate specifics that help address these critical questions: 

4) Fittings 


Have you thought about what components do you need for your installation? 

They say measure twice, cut once. You want to plan your pit down to the fittings. 

We will help you do this before you finalize your plans.

This comes down to deciding about: 

5) Finish 


What is the finished look you’re going for? 

Whether it is high end or low, marble, or paving stone, you want to consider a pit that matches your personality and style of your home. 

Check out our Pinterest and Instagram profiles for some inspiration.

A quick guide for you to decide the fire media you should go for: 

  • Looking for something functional? Lava Rock is your way to go. 
  • Care for a more rustic look? Try Ceramic Logs
  • Want to try something that will make your fire feature more contemporary? Go for Fire Glass

Check out the difference between several fire media types.

The Bottom Line


The process of designing an outdoor gas fire pit never falls into “one size fits all”.

However, this guide will help you keep in mind all the essential pieces you’ll need to consider.

Download your free copy of The 5 Fs Fire Feature Design here.

Are you feeling hesitant about the answer to these questions?

Check out our YouTube Channel for more Fire Pits 101 information. 

Check out our FAQs or just get in touch with us now

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