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Shipping to all of the U.S. and Canada!

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Top 10 Springtime Fire Pit Party Checklist

It’s officially SPRINGTIME!!!

Up here in Montana, we’re on our 3rd start of Spring, but we’re hoping & praying that it’s our last! The snow is melting (again), the sun is shining through the clouds, and we’re starting to see the first signs of new life! It’s FINALLY time to get outside and soak up ALL the sunshine. That means it’s also time to get ready for some “sweet spring” and “endless summer nights” around our Montana Fire Pits table with family and friends! Below is our TOP 10 Springtime Fire Pit Party Checklist to get us all FIRED-UP for future fire pit parties!

TOP 10 Springtime Fire Pit Checklist


First, if you don’t already have a one (or more) of our best in the industry, made in Montana, fire features, start by visiting us online or calling our expert team to order your perfect party fire pit!


Once your fire feature is properly installed, start by cleaning it with a gentle cleaner. Brass burners won’t need cleaning, they are always READY TO GO!


This fire pit season, you want to be ready to have the biggest, brightest and BEST flame possible. So, if you don’t already have a CROSSFIRE Brass Burner by Warming Trends, contact us ASAP as possible to order the most durable and highly recommended burner in the fire pit industry!


Next, check the levels of your propane/natural gas and make sure you have a couple lighters on-hand and ready to go.


We’d suggest surrounding your fire table with comfortable outdoor furniture that you would WANT to sit on for hours at a time. It’s worth the investment to buy quality pieces that will withstand the wear-n-tear of people and weather. Even better if you can support your local furniture makers, who will specialize in the best natural materials for your climate!


Our powerful brass burners put out BIG heat so we’d suggest placing your seating at least 18-20inches away from the edge of the fire pit. This distance should allow you to perfectly place your feet up on the table ledge, in front of the fire, but not TOO close! Visit our FAQs page for more info and answers to all your burning questions!


While warmer days are coming, everyone has a different internal thermometer SO for added heat we’d suggest adding fire media that assists in extending and radiating the fire temps. We’d also suggest having a couple cute-n-cozy blankets and throw pillows available for added style and comfort.


Think through how you will be serving food and drinks. Your fire table will keep hot drinks hot but melt ice cold beverages. If you DO use your fire feature as a table, coasters are recommended to protect the finish from condensation rings! Ultimately, you might want to consider space for stylish side tables to hold your drinks and treats. ALSO, one of our MOST ASKED QUESTIONS is if you can roast marshmallows over your Montana Fire Pits or not, the answer is YES!!!


Now for some decorating fun… we LOVE themed parties with the perfect touches of creative decor; however, DON’T FORGET that you need to leave a 10ft clearing from the top of your fire table for fire safety! In fact, it might be best just to plan your designs around the perimeter of your seating and serving tables!


Last, but not least, have SO MUCH Fire FUN!!! And don’t forget to take and post and tag us in your pretty Montana Fire Pit PARTY pictures!

That’s a wrap on our 2022 Springtime Fire Pit Party CheckList… did we miss anything!? Add your additions and suggestions below, we LOVE hearing from our Montana Fire Pit Family… Wishing you and yours a beautiful & heart-warming Fire Season of 2022!

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