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What is the Best Gas Fire Pit Burner?

What is the Best Gas Fire Pit Burner?

Choosing the best gas fire pit burner for your needs depends on a number of features. Shape, flame style, size, BTUs and more, should all be considered before ordering your burner.


Before choosing the best fire pit burner for your pit, determine if the inside opening is round, square, rectangular, or custom. Gas burners come in a variety of shapes including:

  • original
  • octagonal
  • double tree
  • tree style
  • linear
  • H style
  • custom

If you have a round opening, the burner you need will be either original, octagonal, or radial. Those shapes are going to lend themselves very well to a round opening shape. Double tree styles are similar to original and tree styles, they simple include more jets for larger flames. Warming Trends also makes some unique designs including the centipede or serpentine Cross Fire Burners.

Flame Style

We love Crossfire burners. The angle of the flame inward creates a strong flame that is impressive. The shape of your burner will influence the flame style but all Crossfire burners have jets that direct toward one another. For square openings, we recommend the Double Tree. Any one of those burners is going to lend itself very well to a square opening.

crossfire burner



The third most popular shape is rectangular. The important thing to know is that the dimensions are arbitrary. Whatever works for your build. If your opening is rectangular, the best gas fire pit burner you will want will be linear.

It is not a Crossfire burner. All jets on a linear burner sit straight up. This results in a wall of flame. The second burner style for a rectangular opening is the H style. With an H style, your jets are all going to be pointing in and creating a Crossfire flame. The third, most popular, and best flame pattern (in my opinion) for a rectangular opening is the Tree style.

double tree burner

With a Tree style, depending on the overall size and the BTUs, the widths may vary wildly. Plan around the opening so you know what size plate you need.

The opening should correspond to the plate. The plate just drops right in to the opening easily. Round, square, rectangle, original, octagonal, double tree, tree style, linear, and H style are the most popular.