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Adequate Gas Supply for Gas Fire table

Adequate Gas Supply for your Gas Fire Table

A question I get very often is”

“I’ve determined that I have about 150,000 BTUs available in a line that’s already been buried. I’ve already decided that I would prefer to buy a 180,000 BTU burner. Is my gas supply enough for that type of burner?

Here’s the answer.

Yes, it’s enough but you’re going to sacrifice flame height.

Let me explain that to you. We have several burners with a variety of BTU capabilities, ranging anywhere from 120,000 all the way up to 400,000. When you look at the 180,000 BTU, for example, this value is based on full throttle.

Full throttle, provided that it has enough fuel, for the 180,000 BTU burner is at least a 24 to 36 inch flame. Rarely are you going to run your fire pit table at full throttle. Typically you’re going run your fire pit with the key valve at about 2/3,  so you have some adjustability.

If you want the 180,000 BTU burner and you have 150,000 available, then you will sacrifice your flame height. How much does it sacrifice? That’s difficult to say exactly but you could lose inches off your capable flame height. 

The point is, if you want to utilize the full capability of your fire pit table’s burner, then you should choose one that matches your output. You can adjust your fuel output by contacting a certified professional. Otherwise, work with what you have and enjoy a possibly smaller burner.

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