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Ordering a Custom Fire Pit Plate2 min read

Ordering a Fire Pit Plate for Your Custom Fire Pit

When designing your custom fire pit, you may find that the fire pit plate you need isn’t a standard size. Rather than change your whole concept up to suit the plate, simply order a custom size. It’s easy!

Here are a couple things to have ready before you order your custom fire pit plate.

Do I even need a fire pit plate?

Fire pit plates are required for propane set-ups. A burner plate is not required for natural gas; however, it is highly recommended. Fire pit plates and pans help extend the life of your burner. It also reduces the amount of burn media you need to conceal the burners, saving you a little money.

Plate or a pan?

The main difference between a plate and pan is that the pan has two inch sidewalls on it. If you’re opting for a pan, be certain your fire pit has adequate drainage to prevent it from filling with water during rain.


Keep the following in mind before you place your order for a burner plate.

Size – Make sure you have your exact dimensions ready when you order. We can cut your fire pit plate to any size. We offer free shipping on plates 36″ or under.

ShapeOur fire pit plates come in round or square shapes.

Material – Don’t let rust ruin your fire pit! We use standard aluminum for our trays. It’s durable, rust resistant, and affordable.

A burner plate is a great investment. It will extend the life of your burner and reduce the amount of fire media you need. We recommend purchasing a nice cover for your fire pit in order to prevent any corrosion from exposure to water.  Thanks again and let’s get those fires burning!

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