Linear Burner: 190,000 BTU Warming Trends Crossfire - For 44” x 8” Opening or Larger

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Linear Burner: 190,000 BTU Warming Trends Crossfire - For 44” x 8” Opening or Larger

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Made from 100% brass, infused with engineered “jets” that mix oxygen with fuel; there is simply nothing like the Warming Trends Crossfire burners.

The Linear Series offers a unique and modern look using less BTU’s. Excellent if you have limited space and BTU availability yet still want maximum heat and flame height.

  • Optimized for rectangular openings
  • Optional key/flex kit for flame height adjustability
  • Optional plate; recommended for holding fire media (lava rock, logs, etc.).  Standard plate size is 44″ x 8″.
  • Complimentary shipping. Expect it in 3 -5 weeks.

All-brass burner (choose natural gas or propane)

If Selected:

  • Key/Flex Line Kit
    • 3/4″ Key Valve by Dante
    • 3/4″ Whistle Free Flex Line (36″ long) for maximum fuel volume 
    • 4″ key & 12″ key and chrome finishing plate
    • Appropriate fittings to connect flex line to burner
    • LEARN MORE about the key valve/flex lines
  • Aluminum Plate
    • 44″ x 8″ (custom plate sizes available HERE)
    • Comes with welded, threaded coupling
    • Perfect for holding fire media such as lava rock
    • LEARN MORE about the plate
  • Match-lit is standard
  • Optional battery powered spark ignitor
  • Optional fully-automated electronic ignition


  • Spec Sheet

Shipping Details

  • Each burner is hand-built to order
  • Expect 2-3 weeks in production, depending on the season
  • Kits 36″ and under ship UPS
  • Kits over 36″ ship freight
  • Keep covered in wet weather in order to avoid water build-up in the burner
  • For more burner care, CLICK HERE
  • The burner has a limited lifetime warranty – READ MORE
    • Unused Burners can be returned with a 15% restocking fee
    • Should damage occur during shipping, we will address it ASAP
    • Any claims for loss or damage sustained in transit must be filed with carrier immediately.
    • All sales are final. No refunds. Exchanges for equal value or higher with prior approval. A restocking charge will apply.
    • All sales are made pursuant to these conditions and orders are received with the understanding that they are placed under these conditions.

Some assembly is required. Fuel components must be connected by a licensed gas professional.

  • For the best flames, make sure you have adequate fuel line size and gas pressure
  • Learn Now

Click HERE for installation instructions. 

ICC Design Certified Crossfire™ Brass Burner is a state of the art outdoor flame system. It was established with a specific air to gas mixture ratio which produces twice the flame with the same volume of fuel. Or, the same amount of flame using half the amount of gas. This innovative technology has allowed our product to outperform all other outdoor fire pits on the market.

Warming Trends™ patented technology is unique only to our Crossfire™ Brass Burner System, which allows you the benefit of gas savings and a higher quality experience. No need to use the old fashion fire rings anymore. 

The Burner Matters

Nothing compares to the Warming Trends Crossfire burners. The fire is where it counts. A better fire = a better experience. Bring the HEAT!
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Twice the Flame
  • All Brass Construction (no corrosion)
  • Engineered “jets” create efficient and beautiful flames

Will it Keep Me Warm?

  • This burner produces incredible heat
  • For OPTIMAL warmth, you need to retain that heat
  • Here’s How

Don't Forget the Accessories

Need Questions Answered?

We have you covered. Expert advice comes standard.

Matt Hoffman
Matt Hoffman
@google reviews
Read More
There is no comparison between this and what you see at a box store. If you want a real fire and tall flames look no further. If you take your outdoor living space seriously, buy this. No more smoke, no more putting out embers. Montana Fire Pits provides the best customer service you could ask for.
Paxton Gray
Paxton Gray
@google reviews
Read More
Great company with a great product. They shipped fast and were willing to work out the details with me over the phone. I'd highly recommend Montana Fire Pits to anyone looking to build a gas pit.
Tom Tomsen
Tom Tomsen
@google reviews
Read More
"This is an amazing product - you will not find any better fire pit or flame. We love sitting around the fire each night with the sunset. AND the service of Montana Fire Pits is unbelievable!!! Amazing! You will be very satisfied.
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