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5 Easy Tips on Planning an Awesome Fire Pit Party

5 Easy Tips For Planning An Awesome Fire Pit Party

A backyard fire pit party is a great opportunity to bring people together, and planning these parties can be nearly as fun as hosting them. Being an extraordinary host is easy as long as you are aware of the essential elements that make a great gathering. Of course, conversation and good company are the most important factors of any party, but in order to take it to the next level, it is always a good idea to plan ahead of time and decide on the best way to entertain and accommodate your friends and family. If you’re preparing for your first backyard bash, use this guide as a helpful tool to make the most of your space and keep the planning process fun and stress-free.

1. Outdoor Activities and Entertainment for the Party

Boredom can quickly cause a great get together to fizzle out, so be sure to provide plenty of activities and forms of entertainment for everyone to enjoy. Whether your party is all ages or adults only, it is easy to find ways for your guests to have fun and occupy their time while enjoying each other’s company.

Outdoor games can be found online and even at thrift stores, so keep an eye out for anything that could take your party to the next level. Croquet, horseshoes, bocce ball, badminton, and board or card games are among the most entertaining ways to keep guests busy while they enjoy the outdoors.

For kids, inflatable pools, bubble blowing stations, and ring toss games are all sources of endless fun. There are even options for low key parties such as sharing scary stories or wine and cheese tasting.


2. Don’t Forget Great Food and Drink

S'mores Fire Pit PartiesWhen planning your fire pit party, it is important to consider what types of food and beverages will be served. This step doesn’t have to be too complex, simply providing your guests with refreshments such as soda, beer, and wine can make your party more enjoyable.

If your party will take place during a chilly evening, consider offering beverages such as hot cocoa, tea, and cider. Foods that can be easily roasted such as marshmallows and hot dogs make an excellent addition to any outdoor gathering, and having your own s’more building station can add a touch of excitement.

If you want to get fancy with your refreshments, you can include tables with snacks, pitchers of sangria and punch, and extras such as napkins, paper plates and utensils, condiments, and pitchers of water. Or, try hosting a potluck style party by inviting your guests to bring their favorite dish.


3. Think About Decoration and Ambiance Around Your Fire Pit

Although your fire pit is your primary focal point, you can still go the extra mile by adding a pop of color, some ambient lighting, fun decorations, and even music. Decorating for your fire pit party can be just as fun as the party itself, and there are many options available that will fit your budget. If you choose to have food and beverage tables, adding colorful tablecloths, utensils, and vases with flowers can spruce up the dining environment.

Chalkboard signs provide a level of functionality and beauty by helping to direct guests with witty text. Streamers and glitter ribbon are available at most discount and dollar stores, and they are easy to hang up and tear down. For evening and nighttime parties, lighting is an essential element that will prevent you and your guests from stumbling around in the dark while illuminating highly traveled pathways.

String lights can be suspended from surrounding trees or the sides of decks, and rope lights can be used alongside walking areas. Tiki torches are also an excellent way to liven up the night and bathe your yard in warm light.

If you will be providing additional tables and seating areas, try battery powered tea lights or lanterns on each table for a cozy, warm feeling. Don’t forget some music to set the mood! If you have a docking station or Bluetooth speakers for your phone or iPod, find a central location and crank up the tunes. Or, create an interactive way for your guests to express their creative side by encouraging them to bring instruments and perform for a crowd.


4. Seating and Comfort Are Essential to a Great Fire Pit Party

In order to provide your guests with the best experience possible, it is crucial to offer ample seating options and other comfortable ways to lounge by the fire. Because many fire-pits easily double as a table surface, simply arranging chairs around it can take care of seating requirements. Camping or fold-out chairs are an excellent option, or if you wish to have your guests sprawl out on the lawn, blankets and cushions are easy to come by.

To help your party stay within your budget, you can even ask guests to bring their own, or you can reach out to a rental company in your area for larger parties that require more seating space.

If you already own patio furniture, a picnic table, or a large fold-out table, arranging these around the yard will allow for comfortable relaxation. Another situation to consider is the possibility of rain.

The discomfort of stormy weather can easily be avoided by strategically placing a canopy or two over any areas that will need extra protection from the elements, such as food and beverage stations. Making your yard as comfortable and weather friendly as possible will help you avoid the hassle of inviting a large number of guests inside, saving you the time and effort of preparing and cleaning up your home.


5. Themed Fire Pit Parties

4th of july fire pit partyThemed parties are a great way to focus your intentions and decide on the most appropriate types of entertainment, food and beverage, and decorative opportunities that will be offered at your fire pit party. You can even let your guests know ahead of time by sending out fun invitations detailing the time and date, what items they should bring, and even the designated attire. For example, you can host your very own movie night easily with a projector and a white sheet. A table with a popcorn station and a variety of candy and plenty of room for your guests to spread out on the lawn can create a nostalgic vibe reminiscent of drive-in movie theaters.

For extra fun, ask your guests to come dressed as their favorite movie star. Another option is hosting a game night complete with competitive teams and prizes. The warm and cozy setting of a backyard fire pit is a great environment for a spooky Halloween party where your guests can tell scary stories and carve pumpkins. You can even add a fog machine for extra ambiance. For a creative, interactive experience, try hosting an arts and crafts party with plenty of fun supplies.

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