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Building A Warming Trends Crossfire Fire Pit

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Building A Warming Trends Crossfire Fire Pit You can feel the cool autumn wind hiding in the final warm breezes of summer. There is only one thought in your mind: It’s fire pit time! Building a fire pit is a remarkably fun endeavor that keeps on giving back. You have a vision of the look you want in your mind. You know what kind of media you want to fill the enclosure. Still, have you really thought about what kind of burner you want? The burner is of massive importance to your fire pit, so you want to make sure

Warming Trends Fire Pit Breakdown

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Warming Trends Fire Pit Breakdown You have been saving up for quite a while to finish building your backyard paradise. The furniture has been delivered, your deck is beautifully stained, and your river stone walkway is finally done as it weaves through your grass to that… empty round sitting area. It is time to fill the center with your dream fire pit! Warming Trends offers the best products in the industry to make sure your new fire pit is as perfect as can be. What exactly comprises a fire pit? The most obvious pieces of a good gas fire pit

Warming Trends Dealers – A Breakdown

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Warming Trends Dealers Warming Trends is a fire pit burner manufacturer located outside of Denver, Colorado. Their burners are known as the best in the industry, particularly their Crossfire Brass Burners. If you are looking for the right burner for your new fire pit, Warming Trends is sure to have it. You might say, “But they are located all the way out in Denver!”. Not to worry, Montana Fire Pits is an authorized Warming Trends dealer and we ship across the US and Canada. We offer a number of Warming Trends product options and keep them in stock for your dream

Crossfire Burner Overview

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Crossfire Burner Overview Whether the sun has just dipped behind the mountain on a warm summer day or you have just come down the hill after tearing up the slopes and snow still covers the ground, there is nothing quite like grabbing a cold one and hunkering down next to your fire pit under the starry sky. You have dreamed of having an outdoor fire pit in your backyard since you bought the house and now it's time to make it happen, but you really have no idea where to start! There are many key factors in building that perfect

Get A Warming Trends Crossfire Burner

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Get A Warming Trends Crossfire Burner From Montana Fire Pits Warming Trends is a well-known gas fire pit burner and enclosure manufacturer based out of the Denver area in Colorado. Over the years, Warming Trends has grown its notoriety immensely and is now known as the best in the industry. Their Crossfire Burner technology has been the calling card that has catapulted them into the spotlight for gas fire pits. Whether you are looking for the crossfire brass burner system, plates, or ready to finish pits, Warming Trends is sure to have just what you need to make your dream

Tips for Keeping Your Outdoor Area Bug-Free

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Tips for Keeping Your Outdoor Area Bug-Free With warm weather just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about taking advantage of your outdoor entertainment areas. Getting ready for barbecues, fire pit parties, and other backyard gatherings should be an exciting venture, and tackling issues such as bothersome insects can help you make the best of this experience. It is a well-known fact that insects dislike smoke, but unlike those that use wood, gas fire pits do not emit smoke making them less effective when it comes to warding off those annoying flying creatures. You and your guests should

5 Easy Tips on Planning an Awesome Fire Pit Party

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5 Easy Tips For Planning An Awesome Fire Pit Party A backyard fire pit party is a great opportunity to bring people together, and planning these parties can be nearly as fun as hosting them. Being an extraordinary host is easy as long as you are aware of the essential elements that make a great gathering. Of course, conversation and good company are the most important factors of any party, but in order to take it to the next level, it is always a good idea to plan ahead of time and decide on the best way to entertain and

4 Steps to Prepare Your Fire Pit for Winter.

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4 Steps to Prepare Your Fire Pit for Winter As the snow falls, the days grow shorter, and the weather grows colder, it can begin to feel like your entertainment activities are best enjoyed from the comfort and warmth of your own home. Winter can feel restricting at times, but for those with outdoor gas fire pits, it doesn’t have to be this way. With just a little preparation and maintenance, it is possible to enjoy the warmth and ambiance of your outdoor fire pit year round. Gas fire pits offer homeowners the opportunity to gather friends and family to

5 Reasons to Choose a Gas Fire Pit

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5 Reasons to Choose a Gas Fire Pit Are you considering installing a fire pit in your backyard? Perhaps you’ve been contemplating it for quite some time, but the task of collecting wood and the hassle of cleaning up after your fire seems impractical and even downright stressful. Maybe you’ve even fantasized about backyard gatherings, potlucks, and parties around your fire, but these seem like summertime activities and in your area of residence, wood burning fire pits are dangerous or even illegal during summer months due to the fire hazard they create. Does this sound familiar? If so, the solution