Top Troubleshooting Questions

Answers to common fire feature hang-ups.

5 fs of Fire
  • Fuel = Flame: if your flame is barely there, it means your fuel is barely there
  • We assure you, none of our burners put out weak flames if the fuel is sufficient
  • You need pressure AND volume for good flames. Check out our GAS LINE SIZING page
  • Contact your gas professional to troubleshoot on-site
  • When adding media, little bits of the rock or glass can get lodged in the jets and can limit the fire coming out. 
  • Try removing the jet carefully with a 3/8 wrench.  Use a small narrow object like a paper clip to poke through the bottom hole to dislodge any bits of media that may have lodged into the jet
  • Re-screw the jet on once it’s all clear
  • Soot build-up is normal
  • Clean media by soaking it in a bucket of soapy water for a few hours and then spray it off with a hose
  • If it is excessive, this may be a fuel issue caused by a rich mixture
  • Contact your gas professional
  • Learn more here
  • Sometimes the valve is "sticky" out of the factory. This is perfectly normal.
  • It's a "Quarter-Turn Ball Valve" by Dante (industry standard)
  • Watch this short video on how to loosen your valve before its initial use
  • Contact the manufacturer at +1 (303) 346-2224
  • Warming Trends is located in the U.S. and provides top quality support for electronic ignition
  • Experiencing a 'whoosh' type sound is normal. Air is mixing with fuel at each jet and causes a sound like a mild rushing wind.
  • All of our flex lines are whistle-free. If you hear a whistle, it may be the line that runs to your key-valve. Contact your gas professional to replace that line
  • Consider going with one of our whistle-free options before and after the key-valve.
  • Make sure there is no water or ice in the lines.
  • Always cover your burner when not in use to help keep moisture out.
  • Make sure your connections are secure.
  • Our lava rock is fire-grade and will be less susceptible to this kind of phenomenon.
  • This is often caused by moisture reacting to the heat of the fire
  • Make sure to buy fire-grade lava rock and keep it protected from excess moisture.
  • Avoid placing logs, or any other heat-retaining accessories, on top of fire glass
  • The heat build-up from the logs will cause the fire glass to melt


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