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black rectangular steel fire table with flames and gray deck

Olympic Fire Table


Olympic Fire Table


16" High | 7.75" top ledge
130K BTU Linear Style + Key/Flex Line Kit + 16 x 32 Plate ($-230.00)
170K BTU Tree Style + Key/Flex Line Kit + 16 x 32 Plate
150K BTU Linear Style + Key/Flex Line Kit + 16 x 39 Plate ($-385.00)
230K BTU Tree Style + Key/Flex Line Kit + 16 x 39 Plate
170K BTU Linear Style + Key/Flex Line Kit + 16 x 44 Plate ($-465.00)
290K BTU Tree Style + Key/Flex Line Kit + 16 x 44 Plate
210K BTU Linear Style + Key/Flex Line Kit + 16 x 51 Plate ($-528.00)
290K BTU Tree Style + Key/Flex Line Kit + 16 x 51 Plate
250K BTU Linear Style + Key/Flex Line Kit + 16 x 60 Plate ($-835.00)
350K BTU Tree Style + Key/Flex Line Kit + 16 x 60 Plate
410K BTU Tree Style + Key/Flex Line Kit + 16 x 70 Plate
310K BTU Linear Style + Key/Flex Line Kit + 16 x 70 Plate ($-375.00)
470K BTU Tree Style + Key/Flex Line Kit + 16 x 80 Plate
To order samples, see link in product description below
Earth Tones
Black Diamond
Shredded Black
Antique Charcoal
River Stone
Silver Nickel
Urban Stealth
Bunch Grey Texture
Alps White
Oil Rubbed Bronze Light
Ironstone Bronze
Rustic Texture
Midnight Blue Cast
U.S. Penny Vein
Lite Copper Cast
Alvord Beige
Almond Latte
No Cover
Flush Steel Cover (+$225.00)
No Fire Media (+$0.00)
Lava Pebbles (...)
Medium Lava Pebbles (1-2")
Product total
Options total
Grand total


The Olympic is designed and built to be the sleekest, most functional, most durable fire feature in the industry. It features a high output, high efficiency brass burner and incredible standard or custom finish options. Built with lifetime 3/16″ America made steel, right here in Missoula, Montana. It’s easy to see why the Olympic has become our new Editor’s pick BEST fire feature. Elevate your space to the next level. 


  • Fire Table made of American sourced 3/16″ mild steel 
  • Warming Trends Crossfire Brass Burner (High BTU Output System) 
  • 3/4″ key valve and flex line kit for flame height adjustment
  • 4″ chrome key and finishing plate
  • Aluminum burner plate (mounted 4″ below the finished top)
  • Match Lit, or add 24V Electronic Ignition
  • 4” non-marring adjustable feet
  • 3/16” flat steel cover (slight variant in color may occur)
  • Key Valve Mounting Bracket
  • Crating & Freight are included in the price

Not Included

  • Regulator (not always necessary, and usually sourced from local installer)

We have designed this series to be semi-custom in that you are able to design YOUR fire feature from our standard set of dimensions and finishes. But, of course, we are able to fully customize ANY Venture fire feature. Steel allows us the freedom to design, plan, render and build complete fire features, the likes of which are available nowhere else in the U.S.


Best practice is to start with 3″ of Lava Rock or Lava Pebbles. Calculate your media based on these openings:

  • 32 x 48 Inch: 16 x 32 Opening
  • 32 x 55 Inch: 16 x 39 Opening
  • 32 x 60 Inch: 16 x 44 Opening
  • 32 x 67 Inch: 16 x 51 Opening
  • 32 x 76 Inch: 16 x 60 Opening
  • 32 x 86 Inch: 16 x 70 Opening


  • 16″ Tall
  • 7.75″ ledge
  • Comes with feet to to allow for 4″ height adjustment

Shipping Weights

  • 32 x 48 – 300lbs
  • 32 x 55 – 345lbs
  • 32 x 60 – 400lbs
  • 32 x 67 – 450lbs
  • 32 x 76 – 500lbs
  • 32 x 86 – 575lbs

Shipping Details:

  • Your fire features comes fully crated
  • Tools will be necessary to remove it from the crate
  • The freight company will contact you to schedule a delivery time that works well for you (this is curbside delivery)
  • Moving the fire table to its final location is your responsibility
  • Freight fees are included in the price
  • These are boutique fire features of the highest quality. They are not mass-produced, and the nature of the process will ensure you are happy with the product. Because of this, there is a wide variation in production time. In some cases, an additional 1-3 weeks is needed to complete and ship the vessel. Your patience in this process is greatly appreciated!


  • Cover the burner when substantial rain or snow is expected

Steel Fire Table (Powder Coated)

  • Easily cleaned with any light household solution and a soft rag.
  • Glossy options are more easily scratched than matte, just like the clear coat on a new car.
  • Any finish is susceptible to scratches and damage, so just treat this fire table with respect.
  • To remove tough stains like hard water, or even light scratches, consider buffing with a polishing compound followed by waxing. Test a small area first. Hand buff the fire table.
  • If using propane, you may experience some soot build-up on the inside edges. Wipe clean with a mild household cleaner. 
  • Powder Coating is very effective at protecting against rust. If years down the road you’d like to re-finish your fire table, look for a local powder coating company. Depending on the size, it should only cost between $200-$500 to completely re-finish your fire table. We warrant your original coating against defects for 1 year. 
  • RUST – if you chip the powder coating, you may experience rust in that spot. Best practice is to promptly seal any bare metal. Consider clear nail polish.

Raw Corten Steel

  • Virtually maintenance free.
  • Corten rusts naturally over time. The outer layer protects the steel for many years to come.
  • Can be sealed by you to keep the rust contained. See how it’s done HERE.
  • Consider covering the entire fire table in the winter months to help the powder coating last longer.


  • Burner – Lifetime Warranty
  • Craftmanship (welds, structure) – Lifetime Warranty
  • Powder Coating & Materials – 2 Years
  • The finish is not warrantied against external forces at your location that may cause blemishes in the finish of the fire table. Please treat the surface with the utmost care.  

Damage in Shipping 

  • Carefully inspect your crate for damage. Take photos if needed.
  • Should damage occur during shipping, call us at 833-228-5244 x2


    • We warrant our products, when purchased new, to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. 
    • If you are not fully satisfied with your fire table, you can return it within 14 days of the delivery date.
    • Buyer is responsible for return shipping costs.
    • Returns are subject to a restocking fee of up to 15%.

The table does not require assembly. However, the burner and fuel components DO require assembly, and must be performed by a local gas professional, such as a plumber or HVAC specialist. 

Click HERE for additional installation instructions. 


Why Steel?

It’s simple; steel is bullet proof and looks amazing. There’s also customization. With over 6,500 finishing options, and infinite sizes, you can easily have a one-of-a-kind fire feature at your home or commercial space. Sleek and modern appearances; strength and durability unmatched… go steel and never look back. 

The Burner Matters

Nothing compares to the Warming Trends Crossfire burners. The fire is where it counts. A better fire = a better experience. Bring the HEAT!
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Twice the Flame
  • All Brass Construction (no corrosion)
  • Engineered “jets” create efficient and beautiful flames

Will it Keep Me Warm?

  • This burner produces incredible heat
  • For OPTIMAL warmth, you need to retain that heat
  • Here’s How

Expect Excellence

Each fire table in our Venture series is hand-built by our welding team right here in Missoula, Montana. The nature of steel is that you will see beautiful variations in the metal, especially when you go for a smooth powder coating. From small imperfections on the surface, to subtle weld marks, and sometimes ultra-fine variations in the finish; expect a completely authentic and unique experience with finesse and character. We pay attention to the details to make sure your fire feature is suitable to be the best looking centerpiece in your space. We pair each fire feature with the best burner possible, which brings us to…

Heat Output

Somedays you just need that ambient glow that fire creates, and some days you need some serious heat output. The Venture Series offers the most heat/BTUs available in any fire feature. You’ll find plenty of imitators, but nothing compares to the Crossfire by Warming Trends. When you go with Venture, you can rest assured that you have the best. This is a lifetime investment; make sure it won’t disappoint. 

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A Highly Functional Table Top

We’ve heard you loud and clear; you’d like to utilize your fire feature as a functional table when you’re not burning it. The Venture Series optional flush steel cover makes this possible. It is cut from the same sheet of metal and powder coated at the same time, so the color is very closely matched. Some variation is to be expected in color, but the size is a perfect fit every time. Even if you plan on using fire media that piles up, such as logs or cannonballs, we have found that in summer months when you don’t need as much heat retention, it makes sense to simply remove the top layer fire media and now your cover will sit flush. In order to cover your fire feature when the top fire media is in place, or during the long winter months, consider a durable, yet affordable, Cover Tuff by Covers & All

Incredible Colors by Prismatic

Prismatic Powders® brings an authentic, durable finish to your Venture.  

How It Works

You’ve got choices; and that’s how we like it. You can choose one of our pre-selected finishes, or from a huge selection of custom options. We’ve seen many custom finishes come through our shop, and they all look incredible. Don’t sweat the decision too much; we’re convinced that you’ll love the final product. Here are some tips as you choose your finish:

Smooth Finishes

    • Easy to clean
    • Sometimes shows off the natural variations in the steel, including weld marks
    • Forged Charcoal is our recommendation if you want your fire table to have that industrial, natural looking steel appearance

Textured Finishes

    • Very uniform coverage for a consistent finish
    • Adds a bit of depth to the look and feel
    • Covers up almost all imperfections in the steel, best for those who prefer an ultra-coherent surface

Sheen Options

Regardless of whether you choose a smooth or textured finish, you also have sheen options. Glossier finishes are easier to wipe clean, but may show light scratches a little more prominently, much like the clear coat on a new car (especially dark colors). If you want that beautiful fire-reflection, go glossy. If you prefer a more robust, stout vibe, consider the finishes that are more on the flat side of the spectrum.

Prismatic uses a gloss scale from 0-100, and you can view details of each color by using the search function HERE. In our descriptions, we have indicated gloss level by common terms: Flat, Matte, Satin, Gloss.

Click to Enlarge Color Chart

Click HERE to get your free Prismatic color samples

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Finish the top with beautiful fire media, or add accessories such as a cover or ignition. 

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Matt Hoffman
Matt Hoffman
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There is no comparison between this and what you see at a box store. If you want a real fire and tall flames look no further. If you take your outdoor living space seriously, buy this. No more smoke, no more putting out embers. Montana Fire Pits provides the best customer service you could ask for.
Paxton Gray
Paxton Gray
@google reviews
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Great company with a great product. They shipped fast and were willing to work out the details with me over the phone. I'd highly recommend Montana Fire Pits to anyone looking to build a gas pit.
Tom Tomsen
Tom Tomsen
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"This is an amazing product - you will not find any better fire pit or flame. We love sitting around the fire each night with the sunset. AND the service of Montana Fire Pits is unbelievable!!! Amazing! You will be very satisfied.
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