What is the Best Gas Fire Pit Burner?

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ix05tDR7IUk&feature=youtu.be What is the Best Gas Fire Pit Burner? Choosing the best gas fire pit burner for your needs depends on a number of features. Shape, flame style, size, BTUs and more, should all be considered before ordering your burner. Shape Before choosing the best fire pit burner for your pit, determine if the inside opening is round, square, rectangular, or custom. Gas burners come in a variety of shapes including: original octagonal double tree tree style linear H style custom If you have a round opening, the burner you need will be either original, octagonal, or radial. Those shapes

Dual Flex Line Kit: The Best Gas Line for a Fire Pit

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRyLtEexSyI&feature=youtu.be We get a lot of questions about our Flex Line Kits. So, we thought we would provide a quick overview of this best seller gas line for fire pits. Our dual flex line kit is most often sold with burners of 250,000 BTUs and over and for very good reason. The dual flex line kits come with a 3/4 inch pipe and a quarter turn key valve. You will need to drill a hole to accommodate the key valve. The distance and size depends on the type of material you to construct your fire pit. It's common to build

The Most Common Questions for DIY Outdoor Fire Pits

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The Most Common Questions for DIY Outdoor Fire Pit Designs and Building As fire pit experts, we get all kinds of questions about how to do your own DIY outdoor fire pit designs and tips for building. Here are the most common questions. Question #1: What size flames do you want? Chris: I'm building a DIY outdoor fire pit in my backyard and it's built out of pavers. It's round with an inside dimension of around 37 inches. Jonathan: Okay, first of all, building a paver fire pit can vary in the end dimensions. A 37 inch fire pit is

Freight and Shipping Costs for Fire Pits

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ah-2LLyeWA4&feature=youtu.be Understanding Shipping Costs for Fire Pits Pictured above is me leaning against a 36 inch by 36 inch by 18 inch square. This is a ready-to-finish fire pit enclosure. You can see by the size that it is not necessarily heavy but it still needs to be shipped on a pallet. The shipping cost for fire pits is calculated based on whether the item needs to be shipped using freight or conventional options. Most items purchased through Montana Fire Pits accrue typical shipping costs based on weight. However, for some items, we need to ship them through freight. Here

Adequate Gas Supply for Gas Fire table

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https://youtu.be/eJAvg9ovt4c Adequate Gas Supply for your Gas Fire Table A question I get very often is" "I've determined that I have about 150,000 BTUs available in a line that's already been buried. I've already decided that I would prefer to buy a 180,000 BTU burner. Is my gas supply enough for that type of burner? Here's the answer. Yes, it's enough but you're going to sacrifice flame height. Let me explain that to you. We have several burners with a variety of BTU capabilities, ranging anywhere from 120,000 all the way up to 400,000. When you look at the 180,000

Find the Perfect Custom Fire Pit Burner for You!

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ve4_J8Ow-HQ&feature=youtu.be Find the perfect custom fire pit burner shape and size for you! One of the beautiful things about Crossfire burners from Warming Trends is that they are modular. In other words, they can be mixed and match to create the ideal custom fire pit burner for your needs.  Each burner's components can be added together to make different configurations. Therefore, different sized nipples with a hex head, the jets, the T's, everything - all fit together to make the different sizes and shapes. Custom Fire Pit Burner Designs Sometimes you may be surprised to learn that your custom shape

Troubleshooting a Stuck Fire Pit Key Valve

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7E6yjhlZoiM&feature=youtu.be What happens if my fire pit key valve gets stuck on my outdoor gas fire pit? A sticky key valve is a common issue people have with their outdoor gas fire pit. The key valve comes with your flex line kit. It is a necessary component that controls how much gas is released into the fire pit. Pictured is the quarter turn key valve that will come with your kit if you've ordered it. This one in particular is a 3/4 but comes in a 1/2 inch too. It is shipped to you in the open position. Do not

Unboxing a Double Tree Crossfire Burner

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CX6u2Mz6zFc&feature=youtu.be Unboxing a 160,000 BTU Double Tree-Style Crossfire Burner So excited to unbox this beautiful Double Tree Crossfire burner from Warming Trends! This burner is brand new. You've seen that a Single Tree burner is perfect for pretty much any rectangular or linear applications. The Double Tree is a new configuration extending and adding additional jets inside. It's a different kind of flame but still works very well with square and rectangular configurations. Pictured below is the burner. This particular one is not a very large gas burner; however, these guys can reach up to 59 inches in length. It

Ceramic Fire Pit Rocks: Gas Fire Pit Accessories

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https://youtu.be/-orbZrZkpr8   Ceramic fire pit rocks are a great alternative to fire glass. While not as traditional as ceramic fire logs, they still have a very rustic feel to them. They transform your fire pit into something magical as the flames flow around the stones. River rocks are a beautiful addition to any fire pit design.  Don't use natural river rocks! While ceramic river rocks are made to look very realistic, they are not actual river stones. It is absolutely crucial that you never use actual river rocks in your fire pit. Natural river rocks are porous and will absorb

Ordering a Custom Fire Pit Plate

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https://youtu.be/CQ49l7IQBVY Ordering a Fire Pit Plate for Your Custom Fire Pit When designing your custom fire pit, you may find that the fire pit plate you need isn't a standard size. Rather than change your whole concept up to suit the plate, simply order a custom size. It's easy! Here are a couple things to have ready before you order your custom fire pit plate. Do I even need a fire pit plate? Fire pit plates are required for propane set-ups. A burner plate is not required for natural gas; however, it is highly recommended. Fire pit plates and pans